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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1743

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The news of Exquisite Paradise holding a general assembly to select the husband for the saintess spread like wildfire. Very quickly, it reached every corner of Ethereal Immortal Domain. Of course, the heat in Eastern Profound Domain was the greatest, after all, Exquisite Paradise was one of the major powers of Eastern Profound Domain. Those who reside in Eastern Profound Domain understood Exquisite Paradise better than anyone outside of their domain.

In the other three profound domains, apart from the major powers, ordinary cultivators didn’t know about the existence of Exquisite Paradise. Of course, that wouldn’t affect the influence of this news. It was good enough that those major powers knew about it.

“Isn’t the saintess of Exquisite Paradise in love with Dragon Shisan? Why is she looking for a husband right after Dragon Shisan died.”

“Can’t you understand it? It’s because Dragon Shisan is dead, and the saintess has been feeling depressed ever since. As such, Venerable Ling Long has announced to hold a general assembly to select the son-in-law, hoping that the saintess can walk out of the shadow. It’s very thoughtful of Venerable Ling Long.”

“That’s true, however it’s a pity that Dragon Shisan died. If he’s still alive, given his abilities, I’m afraid that he will have the same strength as Jiang Chen, the strength to fight those peerless geniuses from the Immortal Courts.”

“What is the talk all about? He is dead and his death has already become the past. This is the world where the winners are crowned as kings. He’s just a part of the history now no matter how powerful he was. The reality is that Venerable Ling Long is organizing a general assembly to select the right son-in-law.’


Within a short period of time, conjectures were produced and spread among the people like a virus. They all sounded as though Lan Lingji was about to die out of depression, which forced Venerable Ling Long to use such a way to guide Lan Lingji out of that situation.

Of course, all of their guesses were justifiable. After all, plenty of them had witnessed the death of Dragon Shisan. It was impossible to survive that kind of predicament no matter how heaven-defying he was. Moreover, the relationship between Lan Lingji and Dragon Shisan was no secret, which explained why they had come up with such wild gueses.

Of course, if they knew the real reason – Dragon Shisan being still alive – behind this, their jaws would certainly drop. The impact would surely be too great that countless of people would find it hard to accept.

However, regardless of the people’s guess and the motive of Venerable Ling Long in holding such an assembly, this event had drawn millions of attention. Nothing was more important than the result. Anyone who could suppress the other geniuses would win the competition, and become the son-in-law of Venerable Ling Long. It would surely be an enormous honour, and the person would immediately rise to fame in the entire Immortal Domain, becoming the existence whom countless of men would envy.

Over the next three days, numerous geniuses had returned from the Immortal Courts. They were the monstrous geniuses of various major powers who were sent to the Immortal Courts to cultivate. It had been a long time since they appeared in the public. They had once created their own legends in this piece of land and thought that they would never return ever since they entered the high and mighty Immortal Court. It was unexpected that a single Jiang Chen had brought all of them back to their homeland. The news of Tian Yue’s death was spread rapidly across the Immortal Domains, and Jiang Chen’s name finally got the attention of the geniuses of the Immortal Courts. Many of the powerful geniuses naturally wouldn’t let the fame of a puny cultivator influence theirs as that was humiliating. Therefore, what they needed to do now was to go to Eastern Profound Domain personally to exterminate Jiang Chen.

As they were on their way to Eastern Profound Domain, they happened to hear about the news of the general assembly and were distracted by it.

Killing Jiang Chen was important. However, helping their major power establish a connection with Exquisite Paradise was even more important, as they could have a saintess as their wife. As such, they must participate in that assembly no matter what. Moreover, this wasn’t just about being selected as the son-in-law, but also a chance to gain fame and defeat their peers. In other words, Venerable Ling Long had already prepared a battle arena for them.

More importantly, many geniuses thought that Jiang Chen might appear in such a huge event. When the time came, not only could they participate in the competition, but would also be able to kill Jiang Chen. It was equivalent to killing two birds with one stone.

“I saw that many monstrous geniuses have returned. It seems the allure of this event is too great. These people, whose original target was Jiang Chen, have all been drawn to Exquisite Paradise.”

“You know, as a matter of fact, Jiang Chen will certainly take part in such a big event. He’s a man who cherishes relationship and loyalty. He will surely be there for the sake of Dragon Shisan. Those geniuses and higher-ups must have already anticipated this, which is why they were all heading towards Exquisite Paradise without hesitation. It is so attractive to them as they can potentially gain double reward. One, they can become famous and build a connection with Exquisite Paradise. Second, they can take the opportunity to exterminate Jiang Chen.”

“You are certainly right! Ever since Jiang Chen became famous, he is involved in all kinds of important events. That bastard is ubiquitous. I also believe that he will become one of the participants in this competition.”


Whenever or whatever it was, people always set their eyes on Jiang Chen. After all, Jiang Chen had become so famous that it was difficult not to think about him. Besides, every major incident that happened recently in the Immortal World was related to him.

As such, they thought that this event surely wouldn’t be that simple and would certainly be spectacular. Numerous people were already heading towards Exquisite Paradise.

Two days after the announcement, Exquisite Paradise had opened up the place to the public. Those who wanted to participate in the competition could enter the place in advance. There had been special accommodations arranged for them.

Numerous geniuses had arrived at Exquisite Paradise, and were brought to their respective accommodation. People were flowing in non-stop, one after another. The atmosphere in Exquisite Paradise had never been so bustling. Almost all of the people from the various major powers had come. Of course, they knew pretty well that the limelight was on those peerless geniuses who had returned from the Immortal Courts. So, most of the people had come only to watch the show, and to cheer for the peerless genius of their respective sect. There were also some who wanted to show off their skills to see if they were lucky enough to earn the recognition of Venerable Ling Long. Furthermore, Lan Lingji couldn’t be the only unparalleled beauty in Exquisite Paradise. There might be other pretty disciples who might take a fancy to them.

No one could accurately decipher one’s fate. So they had to give it a try if they had the chance.   

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