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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1738

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Jiang Chen was ready to display the Slaughter Dragon Seal. After he comprehended the Dao of Slaughter, he had acquired the cultivation method of the Slaughter Dragon Seal. Ever since, he hadn’t really used the combat technique before. Today’s battle was just the right chance for him to use and test its power.

His body trembled. Countless blood-red light began to appear on his back. As the light appeared, his qi began to thicken. That was killing intent, so cold that the entire battlefield seemed to be frozen.

As the killing intent continued to roll and surge, a blood-red dragon head was formed, suspending above the back of Jiang Chen’s head. It was enormous in size, wearing a pair of emotionless eyes. It seemed as though the dragon head was also condensed out of the killing intent.


An earth-shattering dragon roar was heard. It came from the terrifying dragon of slaughter that flew out from Jiang Chen’s body, and hovered above Jiang Chen’s head. It was 300 meters in length, its body was full of blood-red light. Its murderous qi was overwhelming. What was even scarier was that the dragon radiated a trace of Heaven’s Prestige – disdaining the world and being revered by millions.

The blood-red dragon had appeared to kill. Its overpowering killing intent filled the air of the battlefield. Both of its eyes were filled with the thirst of slaughtering all the living beings in the Heavens and Earth.

“What a powerful killing intent! Jiang Chen has finally decided to display his ability.”

“Such a qi is just too terrifying. I can actually feel the mighty Heaven’s Prestige from the dragon. How can this be possible?”

“I know. The heavenly tribulation that Jiang Chen experienced before was the Nine Tribulations of Slaughter. This blood-red dragon is created by Jiang Chen using some kind of powerful combat technique. If I’m not mistaken, he must have acquired this combat technique from the heavenly tribulation, which explained why the dragon contained the killing intent and Heaven’s Prestige of the Nine Tribulations of Slaughter.”


The scene was shaken once again. The conclusion was no longer unknown. The qi emitted from both of their attacks were sufficient to show the outcome. The qi of Jiang Chen’s opponent had been entirely suppressed by the qi of the dragon of slaughter, coupled with the difference in their condition, even a fool could tell who was stronger.

“What a powerful technique! Jiang Chen’s improvement is just too fast. When he first entered Genius Prefecture, he wasn’t even an Immortal King. How long has it been since that time?”

Dongfang Yu sighed helplessly, couldn’t ease the shock in his heart. He still remembered the time when Jiang Chen fought Yun Zhangxiao for the sake of Dan Prefecture. That time, Jiang Chen was still extremely weak, but after returning from the Golden Horizon, he had changed tremendously. Yun Zhangxiao had also died in his hands. Given Jiang Chen’s current strength, Dongfang Yu was afraid that Jiang Chen could even defeat him in a second.

Although Dongfang Yu was the master of Dan Prefecture, he had only advanced to the half-step Immortal Venerable realm recently. There was no comparison between him and a genius like Tian Yue. The present Jiang Chen had reached a stage where Dongfang Yu could only admire.


The slaughter dragon roared frenziedly, seeming to be coming into life, its 300-meter body immediately rushed towards the Nine Heavenly Astral Slashes with full speed.

*Hong Long……*

*Clang…* *Clang…*

The whole battlefield was shattered instantly. Terrifying qi waves spread across. The as sharp as blade astral qi was constantly cutting the body of the blood dragon, but wasn’t able to cause the slightest bit of impact. Instead, it was incessantly destroyed by the blood dragon.

In just a matter of a few blinks, the ocean-like heavenly astral qi was completely eliminated by the slaughter dragon.


Tian Yue was sent flying away. The destruction of the Nine Heavenly Astral Qi made him suffer a great backlash, his face paled, spurting out a mouthful of blood while his qi dropped drastically.


The momentum of the slaughter dragon was still as strong. After destroying the Nine Heavenly Astral Slashes, it reached Tian Yue and opened its mouth, trying to devour its target.


Tian Yue was scared to death, dread brimming in his eyes. He could sense the qi of death from the blood dragon. Only now did he realized that he had underestimated Jiang Chen. It turned out that Jiang Chen wasn’t easy to kill at all.

*Hong Long……*

Tian Yue threw out his last technique, exhausting the last trace of energy he had to destroy the slaughter dragon. The slaughter dragon exploded, turning into a vast ocean-like killing energy.

For a moment, he was submerged by the blood-red ocean. No sign of him could be seen. Numerous disciples on the Heavenly Jade Dynasty’s side felt their stomached twist into knots, their faces didn’t look good either. Although they didn’t know if Tian Yue could survive this attack, they were certain that Tian Yue was absolutely defeated in this match.

“Is he dead?”

“Don’t think so. After all, Tian Yue is a terrfying half-step Immortal Venerable figure. He can’t be killed so easily.”

“It’s hard to say. Jiang Chen is just too powerful. Even if he doesn’t die, I’m afraid that his outcome isn’t so optimistic.”


Countless gaze fell on the turbulent battlefield. Whether Tian Yue was dead or not, he was still utterly defeated. 

Very quickly, the qi on the battlefield disappeared. Tian Yue’s figure reappeared in people’s line of sight. His current condition couldn’t be described with the word ‘flustered’. His body was covered with blood, one of his arms was shattered, gone.

Tian Yue was wobbling in the air, seemingly about to fall at any moment.


Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly. The Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in his hand. He materialized in front of Tian Yue like a ghostly figure and slashed the sword at Tian Yue’s neck.


At this time, a loud yell was heard. An incomparable powerful figure appeared. He struck out his palm. His target wasn’t Jiang Chen, but Tian Yue. He was a terrifying intermediate Immortal Venerable expert with majestic physique, wearing a dragon robe. He was the Emperor of Heavenly Jade Dynasty.

Just like Yang Yu, he had been secretly watching the battle. He hadn’t thought of such an outcome. Presently, he was filled with rage. Tian Yue was their pride and a genius of Immortal Court. He naturally couldn’t watch Tian Yue die in Jiang Chen’s hands.

*Pu Chi!*

Unfortunately, he was still a bit slow no matter how fast he was. Jiang Chen’s attack was just too quick. With the Great Void Technique, not even an intermediate Immortal Venerable could stop him. Furthermore, he would never spare the life of Tian Yue. 

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