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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1733

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Various major powers in Ethereal Immortal Domain became restless. There were even chaos breaking out in some places. The disciples of Corpse Yin Sect who survived the annihilation had become homeless dogs, and were beaten up by people wherever they went.

Numerous cultivators and minor powers that were harmed by this evil sect in the past were looking for the survivors everywhere, seeming determined to root out the entire sect for good. Corpse Yin Sect could only thank themselves for what they have done. In the past, they had dug out countless corpses from people’s graves, including ancestral graves, causing widespread indignation and discontent. Countless people hated them, however they also feared them because they were too powerful, so most of them had always been in hiding.

But now, it was different. The annihilation of the evil sect delighted them and made them vent all of their accumulated anger on the survivors. This was undoubtedly a disaster for those who were lingering on their last breath of life.

They were plunged into another disaster after escaping the deadly attack.

From this point of view, Jiang Chen was undeniably a great hero who had done an earth-shattering thing.

Many grateful to him. Innumerable young men had regarded Jiang Chen as their idol. Nevertheless, given Jiang Chen’s present situation, no one was able to stand out to offer their help. The people that Jiang Chen offended were just too powerful. Putting aside the three Great Immortal Courts, the major powers alone was enough to eradicate them all.

The second day after Jiang Chen left, a genius from Immortal Court had arrived in Eastern Profound Domain, declaring that he wanted to eliminate Jiang Chen.

Both the Immortal World and Saint Origin World had different temporal law, also thus, as the distance between Jiang Chen and the Immortal World changed, the temporal law changed as well. Therefore, the time Jiang Chen used to resolve the matter in Saint Origin World was only half a day in the Immortal World. Which was why he had chosen the next day to return.

Since the result of the negotiation between Xiao Wangqing and the Immortal Courts was already known, people had been waiting for the arrival of the geniuses of Immortal Court, expecting another great show to come. The truth didn’t disappoint them. A genius named Tian Yue was the first to appear. He was a disciple of the Heavenly Jade Dynasty, who was a genius endowed with supreme gifts. Instead of returning to his sect after arriving in Eastern Profound Domain, he had directly gone to declare a life-or-death battle with Jiang Chen.

He had set the venue of the battle on top of a 30,000-meter mountain. The news spread at the fastest speed across the whole Eastern Profound Domain like a cyclone. That particular mountain immediately turned into a focal point. Countless people began flying towards the mountain after learning about the news. The battle between the young monstrous geniuses was bound to be full of excitement. No one would want to miss it.

“It seems like the geniuses of Immortal Court really can’t resist it. One of them has already shown up.”

“That’s of course. If the geniuses of Immortal Court don’t appear, it will show that they are afraid of Jiang Chen. The Immortal Court is a supreme existence. No one will dare to go against such an existence. Furthermore, every genius who cultivates in the Immortal Court has incomparably terrifying abilities and is full of arrogance. How can they allow a single Jiang Chen to show-off? Also, many of those geniuses came from various major powers. Now that Jiang Chen has killed so many of their people, they will naturally be infuriated. It’s common that they want to take revenge.”

“I heard that Tian Yue’s cultivation base has already reached the peak of half-step Immortal Venerable realm. He absolutely won’t be an easy opponent. Do you all reckon that Jiang Chen can defeat him?”

“If Jiang Chen still has the Sun Divine Feather, he can naturally kill Tian Yue in an instant, but now, it may not be the case. Jiang Chen is merely at the early Immortal Emperor realm. There’s a three level difference between them. Although Jiang Chen is gifted, Tian Yue is also a genius amongst the geniuses. In a real fight, even an ordinary early Immortal Venerable is no match for him. So, I’m afraid that Jiang Chen won’t be his opponent.”

“That’s hard to say. I heard that Jiang Chen is an incomparably heaven-defying individual. He can surmount the gap in cultivation base and kill his opponent. Even though he’s merely an early Immortal Emperor, he can’t be underestimated. Or else, Xiao Wangqing wouldn’t have given him the chance to fight the geniuses of the Immortal Courts. I guess that the battle on the mountain tomorrow must be fierce and unpredictable.”

“It will surely be spectacular. We will know if Jiang Chen is qualified to compete against the great geniuses of the various domains.”


The life-and-death battle had aroused the attention of not only Eastern Profound Domain cultivators, but also the whole Ethereal Immortal Domain. It was true that Jiang Chen had thrown the whole world into chaos and killed numerous experts, however that was because he possessed the Sun Divine Feather back then. Without the Sun Divine Feather, no one knew how powerful he was, however if his opponents were geniuses of the Immortal Courts, no one had high hopes for him. After all, the gap between them wasn’t insignificant.

The 30000-meter mountain was one of the significant symbols of Eastern Profound Domain. Normally, great figures would choose to fight there. For a long time, this mountain had become an important venue for numerous decisive battles. Whenever people mentioned the 30000-meter mountain, they knew that it was the place for a fierce battle.

Great Qian Empire, Genius Prefecture!

After receiving the challenge from Tian Yue, Yang Bufan came to Jiang Chen’s residence, intending to inform Jiang Chen regarding the matter of Tian Yue and discuss their next move, but to his surprise, Jiang Chen was nowhere to be found.

“Where has Little Chen gone to?”

Yang Bufan frowned. At such critical moment, according to Jiang Chen’s style of conduct, he shouldn’t have left. After all, Jiang Chen was really looking forward in battling against the geniuses of the Immortal Courts.

A day passed very quickly, but Jiang Chen was still nowhere to be found, as though he had disappeared into thin air. Finally, Yang Yu joined the search, but also couldn’t find any trace of Jiang Chen. That was to say, Jiang Chen had already left Genius Prefecture and had gone to somewhere else.

“What’s going on? Why did Jiang Chen choose to disappear at this time? Presently, the 30000-meter mountain is crowded with people and Tian Yue had been waiting there. Everyone is really eager for this battle. If Jiang Chen doesn’t appear, he will become the laughing stock to all in the future. If that’s the case, Senior Xiao’s negotiations will be in vain,” Yang Yu spoke with a frown.

“Emperor, can you find any trace of Jiang Chen?” Dongfang Yu asked.

“Find Jiang Chen? How will I be able to find him? That kid cultivated the Great Void Technique. If he intends to go into hiding, even the Old Emperor won’t be able to find him,” replied Yang Yu gloomily.

“This can’t be true, father. I understand Little Chen very well. I will never believe that he has gone into hiding. I dare to say that he will never put a mere Tian Yue in his eyes. I know his capabilities all too well. If I’m not mistaken, he must have encountered some urgent matter which caused him to disappear. Let’s go to the 30000-meter mountain first. I’m certain that Jiang Chen will appear once he hears the news.” Yang Bufan spoke. 

His confidence in Jiang Chen was beyond anyone’s imagination. He knew Jiang Chen’s fearsomeness better than anyone. The half-step Immortal Venerable isn’t enough to threaten Jiang Chen, let alone make him go into hiding.

As a matter of fact, when did Jiang Chen ever feared battle?

“Let’s go then. I hope that Jiang Chen will be there on time.”

Yang Yu nodded. He too, had high confidence in Jiang Chen and reckoned that Jiang Chen must have important matters to attend to. One Tian Yue isn’t enough to make Jiang Chen retreat.

The battle had become the focus of attention for millions of people. Even an important figure like Yang Yu had become one of the spectators. Of course, he had his own motive. As those enemy experts would also be watching this battle, he could help Jiang Chen keep a lookout while Jiang Chen is fighting.

A sea of people had occupied the 30000-meter mountain. Clouds and mist were drifting above the mountain, making it look like a wonderland. The sun was shining gaily in the sky. It was a perfect day for any outdoor activities, including a life-and-death battle.

Among the mist stood a youth who wore white feathered clothes. He had an eye-catching azure blue hair and seemed to be around 25 or 26 years old. There was a heroic qi radiating from between his brows. One could tell that he was a dragon amongst men.

More importantly, his cultivation base was incredible. Even without releasing any of his qi, he gave people an incomparably scary feeling. And that kind of high and mighty demeanour and disdainful arrogance confirmed that he’s a genius of the Immortal Court.

“He’s Tian Yue. Sure enough, he’s unordinary. Truly, he’s a dragon amongst men.”

“That’s right. Although he’s only at the half-step Immortal Venerable realm, it’s imaginable that even an early Immortal Venerable is no match for him. One should know that the gap between a half-step Immortal Venerable and a true Immortal Venerable isn’t small. This is the advantage of being a genius. They are always more powerful than ordinary cultivators.”

“He’s the peerless genius of the Heavenly Jade Dynasty. Today, he has returned to avenge the murder of his fellow sect disciples. Plus, Jiang Chen’s reputation is just too great. Whoever kills Jiang Chen will surely rise to fame overnight. Naturally, Tian Yue won’t let go of this great opportunity.”


Countless gaze fell upon Tian Yue, instantly making him the centre of attention, while he stood there like a big star.

“Do you see that? This is our true genius, Tian Yue. There’s no comparison between him and that puny Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen dares to appear, he will immediately die in Tian Yue’s hands.”

“That’s right. If it wasn’t for the Sun Divine Feather, he wouldn’t be that arrogant. Now that the divine feather has been taken away by Xiao Wangqing, he has lost his biggest reliance. How is he going to fight Brother Yue? Both of them are at two totally different levels.”

“Up until now, Jiang Chen still hasn’t appeared. I reckon that he most probably wouldn’t dare to come. How ridiculous!”


The people of Heavenly Jade Dynasty were all high-spirited. The appearance of Tian Yue had given them pride and the right to boast. 

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