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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1723

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Hot fury surged out of Li Wangye, Qiu Qianyun as well as Qin Xuanbing’s body in an instant. Blood seemed to be seeping out of their blazing eyes. It could be seen that they were gnashing their teeth now. As supreme figures, they had never received such a threat before, and no one had ever dared to threaten them.

Nevertheless, Xiao Wangqing still threatened them, but his threat was perfectly reasonable, making it impossible for them to rebut.

Like Xiao Wangqing had said, unless the three of them joined forces to eliminate him today, otherwise, as long as he was able to leave this place, there would never be a day of peace in the Immortal World. Xiao Wangqing was a madman that would do whatever he said.

The three of them were crystal clear that they certainly wouldn’t be able to kill Xiao Wangqing even if the three of them combined their strength. They were afraid that they couldn’t even leave a scratch on him. It was already evident in his battle with Li Wangye. If it was a life-and-death battle, Li Wangye was probably not a match for Xiao Wangqing, and might even be killed instead.

As a matter of fact, even if Li Wangye could defeat Xiao Wangqing, defeat was completely different from annihilation. It wouldn’t be easy to eradicate a half-step Sovereign. Furthermore, Li Wangye himself might not be a match for Xiao Wangqing.

For a moment, the situation was in a stalemate, although both sides were already set for a showdown. In the face of Xiao Wangqing’s threat, the three half-step Sovereigns would surely lose their face if they compromised just like that, but if they chose not to, they wouldn’t dare to kill Jiang Chen either.

No solution could be found for the time being. At this moment, Jiang Chen walked onto the scene and strode towards Xiao Wangqing with a dignified bearing. Despite facing the pressure of the three half-step Sovereigns, his facial expression remained unchanged as though such a pressure wasn’t a threat to him at all.

“Today, I, Jiang Chen, openly challenge all the geniuses of the three Immortal Domains. I’ll kill whoever that comes. If you fear that your geniuses might die, then kill me now.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was as loud as thunder, rolling in the sky, shaking the soul of numerous people.

Xiao Wangqing smiled at Jiang Chen, expressing his appreciation.

Jiang Chen’s words had undoubtedly broken the impasse. It was a duet that was comprised of threat and goad. The three half-step Sovereigns were forced to give in to it.

“Kid, you are being too arrogant! How dare you say that my Immortal Court have no geniuses?!” Li Wangye was infuriated.

“What a good Jiang Chen! You dare to challenge the geniuses of the Immortal Courts in public? Since you are so confident in yourself, I’ll show you how the true monstrous geniuses of Immortal Courts are like. When the time comes, you’ll understand that there’s always someone better than you, and you’ll realize how ignorant and ridiculous you have been.”

After Qiu Qianyu finished speaking, he departed with Lei Batian. His departure evidently indicated that he had accepted Jiang Chen’s challenge, or had accepted the terms of negotiation proposed by Xiao Wangqing. In fact, he couldn’t help it. There must be a conclusion to the stalemate, and Jiang Chen’s provocative remark undoubtedly concluded it, however everyone knew that it wasn’t Jiang Chen’s challenge that made Qiu Qianyun leave, but the threat of Xiao Wangqing.

“Brat, don’t think that you can continue to go against the Immortal Courts just because I have yet to kill you. You’ll end up with only one outcome – that is death.”

Qin Xuanbing had left a cruel remark before leaving with Lan Tingyan. They were intelligent people, they knew that there was no reason to continue staying here. With Xiao Wangqing here, they would never be able to kill Jiang Chen even if they refused to give in.

“Humph! Brat, wait for your death!”

Lastly, Li Wangye left with Wang Xuanfeng. The experts of the three great Immortal Courts had all left. Today’s meeting had ended. This was exactly the outcome Xiao Wangqing wanted. Everything had proceeded in accordance with his plan.

“How did this happen? Could it be that the little beast has just gotten away once again?”

“Dammit! Jiang Chen is being sheltered by Xiao Wangqing! There was nothing the Immortal Courts could do. Even a figure like Li Wangye feared Xiao Wangqing. Also, the Immortal Courts certainly wouldn’t send the Great Sovereigns here.”

“That’s of course. The Great Sovereigns are the supreme beings in the Immortal World. They will never appear just because of an Immortal Emperor brat as they can’t afford to lose their dignity and face. None of them will interfere in matters like this. Even in the Immortal Courts, the highest rank officials that are in charge of such affairs are half-step Sovereigns.”

“Could it be that we’ll just let it go like this? That son of a b*tch has killed so many of our people, but he’s still alive until now. How are we able to stomach this grievance? Additionally, that man’s growth is just too fast. Even if the Sun Divine Feather is no longer in his possession, we can’t allow him to continue growing as the threat he poses is too great.”

“Don’t worry. The Immortal Courts will certainly not let this matter rest. I estimate that it won’t be long before they send heaven-defying geniuses here. We also have geniuses of this kind in the Immortal Courts. As soon as they returned, it will be the date of Jiang Chen’s death. I’m afraid even Xiao Wangqing won’t be able to help him at that time.”

“Well, of course. He can’t go back on his words.”


People from various major powers were glaring blankly at the scene. They were hoping that the Immortal Courts could seek justice for them, but the outcome had turned out otherwise. The might of Xiao Wangqing was so intimidating that even the Immortal Courts retreated.

Nonetheless, this didn’t reduce their determination to get rid of Jiang Chen, instead it heightened their urgency in getting rid of this potential threat. They couldn’t give him too much time to grow, or else, they would all end up like Corpse Yin Sect.

Of course, they hadn’t reached the stage of fearing Jiang Chen as each of them had sufficient and formidable forces, also it was time for those geniuses whom they sent to the Immortal Courts to return to serve their sect. The true geniuses of the Immortal Courts possessed unimaginable strength. Now that Jiang Chen no longer had the Sun Divine Feather, there were too many people in the Immortal Courts that could kill him.

“Why aren’t you leaving?” Xiao Wangqing frowned and spoke coldly.

*Hua La……*

Less than three seconds after Xiao Wangqing’s voice dropped, the sea of people outside Genius Prefecture vanished. Everyone was running away from the scene as fast as they could, fearing that they might provoke the formidable Sovereign. Xiao Wangqing was absolutely someone they couldn’t afford to offend.

The storm that started from the Golden Horizon was temporarily quelled, at least, Jiang Chen was no longer in the face of imminent death, and Xiao Wangqing had become a firm backer of Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen would have to depend on himself from now on. 

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