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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1719

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The next day, when the light has just merely appeared in the sky, cultivators were seen waiting outside Genius Prefecture. Today was the day of the big event in Eastern Profound Domain. The ones coming for the meeting were supreme experts from the Immortal Courts, probably as strong as Xiao Wangqing. No one would miss the chance of witnessing the demeanour of half-step Sovereigns.

Moreover, Jiang Chen had reached the point of no return. The matter would most likely be concluded today. However, no one was concerned about the conclusion anymore, especially those from the eight major powers whose emotions were now jumbled up. The problem could have been solved by them but now, they could only watch and do nothing. Given their overall strength, they had never thought that they couldn’t subdue a puny Immortal Emperor.

Currently, the only thing everybody could do was to wait for the arrival of the experts from the Immortal Court. Based on the behaviour of the Immortal Court in the past, they would never compromise. Killing their disciples was equivalent to slapping their face. Jiang Chen’s death was almost certain. They were afraid that not even Xiao Wangqing could save Jiang Chen’s life.

The disciples of Genius Prefecture also came, each of their faces revealed excitement as they had never been in such a spectacular scene. The place was crawling with people, completely blocking the view of the other side. The Genius Prefecture of Great Qian Empire had never been put in such a limelight.

“There are so many cultivators. I have never seen such a huge crowd in my life. All of them have come for Senior Xiao and Senior Brother Jiang.”

“Amongst the young generation of the Immortal World, I’m afraid that only Senior Brother Jiang have such great abilities. Look, the old ancestors of the eight major powers have come as well. The number of Immortal Venerables is beyond imagination. Such a force is just too great. Under normal circumstances, if such a force arrived at the gates of Genius Prefecture, I’m afraid that all of us would’ve been put on red alert; forget removing the defensive grand formation completely.”

“What are you afraid of? We have a half-step Sovereign on our side. No one would dare to cause any trouble unless they wanted to die.”

“I really do wonder how powerful the experts the Immortal Courts will send and the outcome of today’s meeting. I hope Senior Brother Jiang will be alright. It will be a great loss to Genius Prefecture if he is killed. If Senior Brother Jiang could live and continues to stay in Great Qian Empire, our empire will rise sooner or later.”


To Genius Prefecture, today was an extremely significant and exciting day. Everyone was crystal clear about the things Jiang Chen had done and each of them admired him tremendously; naturally, they didn’t wish to see him in trouble. At this point in time, even a fool could see Jiang Chen’s potential. As long as he continued to grow, he would become the backbone of the empire and the main driver of the rise of the empire.

An hour later, the sky grew bright. More cultivators had gathered outside the gates and also around Genius Prefecture. No one knew how long the queue had extended to. Linglong and Hua Guyi had also come, and were then invited by Yang Yu into the premise of Genius Prefecture. By doing so, Yang Yu made it clear to the public that Great Qian Empire had allied with Exquisite Paradise and Celestial Flower Valley.

In the past, although there was no conflict between Great Qian Empire and the two major sects, there was almost no connection between them. Due to the help of Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan, these three major powers had agreed to join forces.

Regarding the alliance of the three major powers, the Old Emperor couldn’t help feeling delighted.

According to the orders of Xiao Wangqing, the centre of the square should be left empty. There wasn’t even a chair.

Not long after that, under the countless gaze of anticipation, Xiao Wangqing led Jiang Chen towards the centre of the square. The Old Emperor and the higher-ups of Great Qian Empire stood on both sides, waiting for the arrival of the experts of Immortal Court.

All eyes fell upon Xiao Wangqing who was now wearing a green robe and with a sharp eye expression. Each of his gestures radiated the dominance and dignity of a half-step Sovereign. His dark hair was pulled neatly into a ponytail. He seemed so young, people even found it hard to believe. His good-looking face made even the girls envious.

“They always said that Wang Qing Venerable is the most elegant man in the Immortal World, but I didn’t have the chance to meet him until today. Sure enough, it’s a well-deserved reputation.”

“He’s just too handsome. He’s considered to be one of the legendary figures. Jiang Chen is truly lucky to have such a peerless figure helping him.”

“I wonder when the experts of the Immortal Courts will arrive. Do you think that they’ll heed the words of Xiao Wangqing and actually come?”

“It’s not possible. Even if the Immortal Courts wouldn’t listen to Xiao Wangqing, they will still send people here, after all, Jiang Chen is still alive. They will surely come here for Jiang Chen.”


The atmosphere was getting even more tensed. It went without saying that the Immortal Courts would certainly send someone as powerful as Xiao Wangqing because figures like Wang Xuanfeng weren’t even qualified to negotiate with him.

Suddenly, three extremely powerful air current could be seen from three different directions. All eyes turned towards it, and saw the three flow of air moving at incredible speed, reaching above Genius Prefecture like a flash of lightning.

“They have come!”

Everyone held their breaths excitedly. They were truly lucky to have come today as most of them could only see these supreme experts of Immortal Courts once in their lifetime. 

Those three flows of air quickly turned into six silhouettes. Three of those people weren’t stranger to them. They were the three peerless Venerables that had appeared yesterday—Wang Xuanfeng, Lei Batian and Lan Yanting. The injuries of Wang Xuanfeng were already fully healed. After all, Xiao Wangqing didn’t try to kill him, also it was extremely easy for a peerless Venerable to recover from such a minor injury.

But unlike yesterday, these three majestic and peerless Venerables could only stand at the back of the three people who must be the real focus of today’s scene. The three men seemed to be in their forties, each radiating an unparalleled momentum and qi that made people not dare to look at them.

The trio were experts on par with Xiao Wangqing’s cultivation base. None of them could be underestimated.  

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