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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1718

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“You overly praise me, Senior. Junior has only said a few words. It’s all because of senior’s efforts that senior achieved such a result.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He had the utmost respect for Xiao Wangqing. Considering his encounter with the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape, Xiao Wangqing had saved his life twice, both during the most critical moment. He really had no idea when he could repay such kindness.

“Alright. Let’s put that aside, do you know why I wanted to have a meeting?” Xiao Wangqing changed the subject.

“Senior is trying to settle my mess. It’s impossible to go against the Immortal Courts directly, and senior can’t be protecting me always. I, Jiang Chen, will have to rely on myself. As such, Senior will hold a meeting with them to solve the dispute between me and the Immortal Courts.”

With Jiang Chen’s intelligence, he could naturally discern Xiao Wangqing’s motive. His thoughtfulness touched Jiang Chen’s heart. Truth to be told, Jiang Chen was overwhelmed by the special favour when Xiao Wangqing emerged at the most critical moment and confronted the Immortal Courts.

“En, you’re truly smart. You understood everything I did. Let’s go to Genius Prefecture now.”

Xiao Wangqing nodded. He liked intelligent men as he would never felt frustrated talking to them, also he only needed to make one move to get the message across.

At the moment, the entire Great Qian Empire suddenly became very busy. Yang Yu had summoned all the Immortal Venerables to the Genius Prefecture. Even the Old Emperor of Yang Family had come to greet the half-step Sovereign. To Great Qian Empire, it was absolutely a grand ceremony. No one would dare to show any neglect.

On the square of Genius Prefecture stood more than thirty Immortal Venerables in an orderly rank. Each of their faces was solemn and excited.

That’s right. All of them were Immortal Venerables. There wasn’t even a single half-step Immortal Venerable, and Yang Zanqing and Dongfang Yu could only stand at the back.

This showed how powerful the forces of Great Qian Empire was. During normal days, these Immortal Venerables would be in seclusion, but as Xiao Wangqing was paying a visit to their empire, each of them felt compelled to step out of their confinement.

Also, this gave people a rough idea of the strength of the other major powers. The Venerables that were sent by those major powers to besiege Jiang Chen were only a small fraction of their forces.

“Yu Er, when will Senior Xiao be here?”

The Old Emperor looked over at Yang Yu. His expression seemed slightly excited. Although he was a late Immortal Venerable, he was no match for those peerless Venerables like Wang Xuanfeng, let alone the half-step Sovereign, Xiao Wangqing.

“I reckon soon. Before he vanished with Jiang Chen, he said that he would hold a meeting with the three Immortal Courts in Genius Prefecture to settle Jiang Chen’s matter,” said Yang Yu.

“Good! No half-step Sovereign has ever come to our empire. This is our great honour.”

“That’s right. If we can establish a rapport with Senior Xiao, our future benefits will be infinite.”

“We’ll wait for him here. We must show our respect and formality. We absolutely cannot incur Senior Xiao’s displeasure.”


All the Immortal Venerables of Great Qian Empire looked incomparably excited. They were the high and mighty figures during normal days, but now, all of them were standing here with respect. The scene was spectacular.

Countless disciples of Genius Prefecture were watching this scene from afar, not daring to approach any closer. Even for those who had been here for the longest time, this was definitely their first time seeing so many Immortal Venerables. It was also their first time knowing how strong the forces of their empire was.

“There are so many Immortal Venerables. I never thought our empire’s forces are so strong. Even the Old Emperor has appeared. It’s my first time seeing the Old Emperor. Surely, he looked wise and dignified, and he’s also a late Immortal Venerable. I wonder when can we reach such a stage.”

“I heard that Xiao Wangqing is coming. He’s going to have a meeting in Genius Prefecture. Otherwise, you think you will have the chance to see so many Immortal Venerables?”

“This is all because of Senior Brother Jiang’s effort. He’s just too heaven-defying. He’s the most terrifying genius I have ever seen. He alone has stirred up the entire Immortal Domain. Also, he has exterminated a major sect, truly unbelievable. And now, he was even able to get the help of Xiao Wangqing. I heard that Xiao Wangqing confronted the three Immortal Courts for the sake of Jiang Chen. It’s truly a pity that we weren’t able to see that.”

“Ai! If I could be as famous as Brother Jiang one day, it would be worth it even if I died after that.”

“You? Go and take a good look at yourself in the mirror before comparing yourself with Senior Brother Jiang. There’s no comparison at all.”


By now, Jiang Chen’s prestige was unshakable throughout the whole Genius Prefecture. As a matter of fact, he had established a strong prestige since the expedition in Golden Horizon, where those disciples who participated had witnessed the frenzied massacre of Jiang Chen. They had to admit that such a genius would only appear once every hundreds of thousands of years.

Jiang Chen had already become an idol in their hearts. Some of them even felt sad and sorry for him when he was expelled by Genius Prefecture.

The Old Emperor and Yang Yu also seemed thrilled. At this moment, two silhouettes flickered in the void, and appeared on the square of Genius Prefecture very quickly. They were Xiao Wangqing and Jiang Chen.

Upon seeing Xiao Wangqing, the Old Emperor hastened to greet him while the others fell to their knees.

“This junior is Yang Can. Greet Senior Xiao.”

The Old Emperor’s tone sounded incomparably respectful, he knew that this was an expert of the same generation as Yang Junlong. 

“En, everybody can get up now. Every descendant of Yang Junlong seems to be pretty good. Your empire didn’t disgrace Yang Junlong,” said Xiao Wangqing. 

Apart from the reason involving Jiang Chen, he had chosen Genius Prefecture for the sake of Yang Junlong who was also a good friend of him. It was his compelling obligation to take care of the descendants of his good friend.

“Our humble empire is greatly honoured by Senior Xiao’s gracious presence.” Yang Yu spoke.

“Senior Xiao, we have already arranged the biggest meeting hall in Genius Prefecture for tomorrow’s meeting.” The Old Emperor said.

“There’s no need for that. The experts of the Immortal Court aren’t that important. This spacious square is already good enough for tomorrow’s meeting. Also, Genius Prefecture will be opened to all. Anyone who wants to come will be allowed to enter,” said Xiao Wangqing.

“Yes, Senior Xiao.”

The Old Emperor nodded and then said to Yang Yu, “Yu Er, remove the defensive grand formation outside the prefecture later. We’ll be opening up our prefecture to the public.”

This was the first time that the defensive grand formation was removed, but the Old Emperor and Yang Yu didn’t hesitate at all. With the half-step Sovereign in the prefecture, no one would dare to cause them any trouble. 

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