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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1712

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Thick killing intent burst out from the old ancestor of Nanbei Family, however he didn’t attack Jiang Chen. He wanted to know what the other old ancestors think as all of them were involved in this matter which had become far more complicated than simply ending Jiang Chen’s life.

The key was the Great Void Technique which made various major powers suffer immense losses. Since Jiang Chen already become the turtle in the jar, they had to figure out ways to acquire the secret art. By obtaining the secret art, they would be able to compensate some of their losses.    

“Very well. I agree with Old Ancestor Nanbei’s idea. Disable this little beast first, then acquire the Great Void Technique by using the Soul Absorption Technique to extract his memory.”

The grand ancestor of Yellow Spring Sect spoke solemnly. His status was much nobler compared to Old Ancestor Yellow Spring, he wouldn’t even appear during normal days. Old Ancestor Yellow Spring had gotten his name after succeeding the position of Sect Master of Yellow Spring Sect. Therefore, the two titles—old ancestor and grand ancestor—had different meanings.

“Then, say no more. Let me kill him,” the old ancestor of the Great Cloud Empire spoke, ready to strike Jiang Chen. 

“Wait a minute!”

At this moment, a voice was heard from a far distance, followed by a powerful silhouette. The incomer was also an elder who seemed to be around fifty years old, with a salt-and-pepper beard, but his gestures were full of nobility.

With a sway, he arrived at the scene. He was also a late Immortal Venerable supreme expert, however he wasn’t affiliated with any of the major powers.

“Greet Venerable Xuan Feng.”

Even those old ancestors had to bow before this elder.

Venerable Xuan Feng was a famed and powerful Immortal Venerable, incomparable to any ordinary late Immortal Venerables. Even the old ancestors couldn’t be compared with him. Xuan Feng’s real name was Wang Xuanfeng. His reputation was on par with Venerable Wang Qing, Xiao Wangqing. He wasn’t just famous in Ethereal Immortal Domain, but also across the nine great Immortal Domains. His cultivation base was infinitely close to half-step Sovereign realm.

More importantly, Wang Xuangfeng was an expert of Immortal Court. Although each major power in Eastern Profound Domain was incomparably powerful, none could be compared to the Immortal Court.

“Even the expert of Immortal Court has come. Never thought that Jiang Chen would cause such an earth-shaking event this time, and even attract an expert of the Immortal Court. One should know that the Immortal Court is the pinnacle and high and mighty existence in the Immortal World. Under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t care about the fights between the major powers, but today, one of them has appeared because of a puny Jiang Chen. How unimaginable!”

“So that’s the legendary Venerable Xuan Feng, Wang Xuanfeng? He’s one of the greatest Venerables in the Heavens and Earth, and is very close to breaking through to the half-step Sovereign realm. I hadn’t imagined that he would appear today.”

“Jiang Chen has killed numerous geniuses of Immortal Court. It’s only reasonable for the Immortal Court to show up. There’s nothing peculiar about this.”


Wang Xuanfeng’s appearance had set off a huge wave of commotion. The interference of an expert from the Immortal Court had completely changed the situation. Jiang Chen’s fate didn’t lie entirely on those old ancestors now.

Jiang Chen frowned. He could sense the scariness of Wang Xuanfeng. It was the same feeling he felt from an expert – the old liar, Xiao Wangqing.

Today, even the expert of Immortal Court had come, and it was even one of the renowned Venerables. This turned Jiang Chen’s situation even more precarious. Even if he hid in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, he wouldn’t be able to escape from the senses of Venerable Xuan Feng.

Venerable Xuan Feng looked at Jiang Chen, his eyes turned extremely cold.

“Jiang Chen, you are the most insane person I’ve ever seen. You have killed too many people in the Golden Horizon and annihilated Corpse Yin Sect. I can’t help but admire you. It has been eons since someone like you had appeared in the Immortal World. I can turn a blind eye to everything you did except for the deaths of the geniuses of Immortal Court,” said Wang Xuanfeng coldly.

“Are you saying that the geniuses of Immortal Court couldn’t be killed? What kind of bulls**t logic is that? Killing whoever that wants to kill me is perfectly fair and justified. If the Immortal Court couldn’t afford to lose, why do they cultivate geniuses to begin with?”

Jiang Chen replied sharply. His expression was just as composed, without the slightest bit of panic and fear.

“What a good Jiang Chen! You’re able to maintain such composure even while facing Xuan Feng Venerable, you even rebutted with rude remarks. I truly admire this type of courage.”

“That’s right. There’s only one Jiang Chen in this world that has such courage.”

“It’s a pity. Even Venerable Xuan Feng has emerged. Jiang Chen’s fate is completely doomed. No one will be able to change it.”


Numerous people were moved by Jiang Chen’s demeanor and courage, feeling that he was a real man, and an exemplary example of the young generation. Such courage was incomparable to any geniuses. Even the geniuses of Immortal Court was out of the question.

Even Venerable Xuan Feng himself couldn’t help but nod. If such a genius could be used by him and the Immortal Court, his future would be immeasurable. It was such a pity that he had gone astray, and became the enemy of Immortal Court.

“Good! You have widened my knowledge.”

After that, Venerable Xuan Feng turned to those old ancestors and spoke, “I came by the order of the Immortal Court to take Jiang Chen back for trial. We have already known your vengeance. So rest assured as Jiang Chen will be executed.”

Upon hearing Wang Xuanfeng’s words, many old ancestors revealed a bitter smile. They naturally wouldn’t dare to disobey the words of the great Venerable even though the Sun Divine Feather and Great Void Technique were still with Jiang Chen. Besides, they were afraid that the Immortal Court had come with the same purpose. No matter how confident these major powers were, they wouldn’t dare to compete with Immortal Court for those treasures.

Although they wouldn’t be able to obtain the treasures, the execution of Jiang Chen would definitely relieve some weight in their hearts.

“Jiang Chen, come with me.”

Venerable Xuanfeng looked at Jiang Chen. He didn’t want to kill him yet. He felt that Jiang Chen ought to become as obedient as a slave right now, otherwise it would be a provocation against his dignity.

“Wang Xuanfeng, I’m afraid that it’s not appropriate for you to take Jiang Chen away just like that.”

At this moment, another great qi drifted from afar. In the blink of an eye, a person wearing lightning robe arrived. His age was around Wang Xuanfeng’s. The qi radiating from him was also on par with Wang Xuanfeng’s. No doubt, he was another terrifying Immortal Venerable. 

“Venerable Lei Wang, Lei Batian? Why have you come? Does this have anything to do with Radiance Immortal Domain? This place doesn’t seem to be the territory of your domain? Don’t you think it’s inappropriate for you to come here?” The sight of the newcomer made Venerable Xuan Feng knit his brows. His tone instantly turned cold.

“Lei Wang Venerable! F***! Another incredible expert emerged. Those two are very famous experts, who are most likely to break through to the half-step Sovereign realm. Lei Batian is an expert from the Radiance Immortal Domain. The fact that he showed up indicated that Jiang Chen isn’t their focus, but the Great Void Technique.”

Yang Yu couldn’t help but curse. The scene was getting more and more complicated. Those peerless figures that existed in the legends had all appeared. Jiang Chen seemed to have no hope of survival. 

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