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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1711

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“Not good! Never thought so many old ancestors will appear. What should we do now?” From a distance, Linglong’s expression darkened. Having regarded  themselves as Jiang Chen’s allies, the least they wanted was to see Jiang Chen in trouble.

“Those old ancestors aren’t only from the seven major powers in Eastern Profound Domain, but also from the other three domains. They have turned the entire Eastern Profound Domain into a prison. Jiang Chen won’t be able to escape from them, even with the Great Void Technique. Dammit! How could this happen?”

Yang Yu clenched his fist, but there was really nothing he could do about the current situation. In fact, even the old ancestor of his empire wouldn’t be able to save Jiang Chen’s life.

“I wonder if a miracle will happen once more.” Hua Guyi sounded nervous.

“What other miracle can there be? Not even the Sun Divine Feather and Great Void Technique are of great use now. Even the heavenly tribulation has ended. There’s nothing else left. What should we do? Who else could save Little Chen at this critical moment?” Yang Bufan spoke anxiously. 

Although he knew that his life-and-death brother had fallen into the trap of the enemies, there was nothing he could really do. Compared to the scale of the siege laid on Dragon Shisan, the current one was undeniably greater. The sight of so many old ancestors surrounding a young man at the same time had never happened in the Immortal World. In many people’s opinion, Jiang Chen should feel worthy dying in such a spectacular scene.

Han Yan and Tyrant couldn’t help feeling worried. This scenario was probably the most dangerous encounter in Jiang Chen’s life. Despite their deep understanding of Jiang Chen, they couldn’t figure out how he would be able to escape this situation. 

“Let’s wait and see what happens. I believe that Little Chen can still create a miracle. He had always created miracles.” said Han Yan. 

Although he was tensed, his confidence in Jiang Chen was unshakable. Before the the incident concluded, he still believed that Jiang Chen could produce a miracle.

Pressure lingered in the void. The murderous intent of those old ancestors soared. The void was completely sealed, making Jiang Chen like a bird in a cage.

“Jiang Chen, I would like to see where else can you escape.”

Nanbei Taisheng flew over and spoke maliciously to Jiang Chen. Nanbei Chao’s status was still unknown ever since the expedition in Golden Horizon ended. He was the hope of Nanbei Family. In addition, two Immortal Venerables of his family were killed by the heavenly tribulation; hence, his family had suffered an unprecedented loss. Their hatred towards Jiang Chen had become irreconcilable. Now that the heavenly tribulation had ended, he would like to see how Jiang Chen could fight them. 

“Humph! Nanbei Taisheng, it seems like you have forgotten how you ran away with your tail between your legs last time. Let me tell you this, your Nanbei Family will end up just like Corpse Yin Sect one day. Take a closer look at Corpse Yin Sect again, this will be the end of those who oppose me, Jiang Chen! Nanbei Family will not be an exception.”

Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly. Even in the face of such a siege attack, he didn’t panic even in the slightest. Such disposition could subdue people.

This was the horrifying trait of Jiang Chen. The more dangerous the situation, the calmer he was, only by keeping a clear-head could he spot any chances of escaping.

“You son of a b*tch! You have been arrogant long enough. You can die with satisfaction after wiping out Corpse Yin Sect, however you have so many blood debts that not even a hundred lives of yours is enough to repay them!”

Nanbei Taisheng bellowed, as if wanting so badly to bite Jiang Chen to death now.

“Come and kill me if you can.”

Jiang Chen darted Nanbei Taisheng a glance. The situation today had become incredibly dangerous. The only reliance Jiang Chen had was the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, however he didn’t know if the pagoda could protect his life, although the advancement of the pagoda had given him a certain confidence. If he was forced to fight in the end, he could only make a gamble as he wouldn’t just stand and let the enemy kill him.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, you will die for sure today. But the fact that you are able to throw the Immortal Domain into chaos and attract so many old ancestors is already enough to make you proud even after you die. Now, I’ll give you a chance of a swift death. Hand over the Sun Divine Feather and the cultivation method of the Great Void Technique now. Or else, given our means, you’ll suffer a fate even worse than death.”

The old ancestor of Limitless Immortal Sect harrumphed coldly. In his point of view, Jiang Chen’s death was already certain, however he wanted Jiang Chen to hand the Sun Divine Feather and the cultivation method of the Great Void Technique over as these two things were just too precious. The Sun Divine Feather was an invaluable treasure plucked from the Gold Feather Fan, however its degree of preciousness is slightly lower compared to the Great Void Technique, the heaven-defying technique and legacy of the Void Sovereign. Any major power would be utterly glad to obtain the cultivation method of the Great Void Technique.

“Haha! The Sun Divine Feather and the cultivation method of the Great Void Technique? I can give it to you all, but there are so many of you, who should I give it to?” Jiang Chen burst into laughter and threw out a bait.

Upon hearing that Jiang Chen was going to hand over the Sun Divine Feather and the cultivation method of the Great Void Technique, numerous old ancestors began to feel restless. They couldn’t help it because the attraction of the Great Void Technique was too great. This mysterious secret art had vanished ever since the Void Sovereign disappeared, however it was found by Jiang Chen in the Golden Horizon.

Jiang Chen’s previous actions was enough to show how terrifying the secret art was. If Jiang Chen hadn’t chosen to appear, these old ancestors wouldn’t be able to find any trace of him.

This technique could allow one to escape into the void stealthily. That was the pinnacle of control of the spatial law. This secret art alone had helped the Void Sovereign rise to fame.

“Don’t be tempted by it. This brat is extremely cunning. He wants to use the Great Void Technique as bait. If we fall into his trap, he will seize the opportunity to escape.” At this moment, the old ancestor of Nanbei Family clamoured.

Upon hearing this, the old ancestors regained their senses, each of them looking at Jiang Chen with endless murderous intent. This brat is really very sinister and cunning. The group of old ancestors almost fell for his trick.

Jiang Chen shook his head. It seemed like his plan had failed. His ulterior motive was just as what the old ancestor of Nanbei Family said. He wanted to lure the others using the Great Void Technique, and distract all of them for him to escape. With the Great Void Technique, he could easily escape as long as there was a slight gap.

“In my opinion, let’s cripple him first, then use the Soul Absorption Technique to make him divulge the cultivation method of the Great Void Technique. At that time, we’ll all study it together.” The old ancestor of Nanbei Family shouted loudly. 

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