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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1710

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“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Shrill wails sounded non-stop from Corpse Yin Sect. The power of the lightning was too terrifying. There was no way to resist it. Countless disciples of the sect were reduced to ashes under the thunder strikes. 

The people who saw this scene was transfixed with shock. No one had ever seen such a massacre. They were struck with terror. The despair lingering in the sea of lightning made it impossible for their mind to relax.

“Corpse Yin Sect is finished. Even if the sect isn’t completely wiped out, it will turn into a disorderly group of people, and won’t be able to exert any influence on Eastern Profound Domain anymore.”

“The annihilation of Corpse Yin Sect is a good thing to us. Such an evil group shouldn’t have existed in the first place. Over the years, they have done all kinds of evil deeds such as burning, killing, stealing and robbing. Due to the evil cultivation laws they practiced, numerous people didn’t dare to voice out their anger. Even the other major powers were unwilling to offend this obnoxious sect. Today, even if there are survivors left, they can be killed directly should they cause any trouble again as they no longer have any backers.”

“That’s true. Jiang Chen has done Eastern Profound Domain a good favor. He is about to remove an evil and inhumane sect which doesn’t even respect corpses. Although Jiang Chen is decisive and ruthless, those that he killed are his enemies. I truly admire the way he risks his life for the sake of his brother.”

“I believe that the other major powers will also be glad to see Corpse Yin Sect being root out from the surface of the world.”


Staring at the rolling sea of thunder, no one could control their emotions, however one thing was certain – the annihilation of Corpse Yin Sect made countless people clap their hands with joy, thinking that Jiang Chen had done a good deed for Eastern Profound Domain.

No one ridiculed Jiang Chen’s action. Numerous people even admired him greatly, especially those young cultivators who regarded Jiang Chen as their idol. Every youth had their own heroic dream such as to overrun the world and go anywhere as one pleased, fight countless of experts and kill incessantly. Those were the things that would stir their blood. Therefore, no one wouldn’t admire Jiang Chen while seeing him killing so enjoyably.

To put it bluntly, Jiang Chen was the personification of their imagination, and his shadow had filled a noble position in their hearts. The name of the man who could create earth-shattering things was bound to spread throughout the ages.

Speaking of killing, the Immortal World was filled with massacre. Take Immortal Execution King, Great Sovereign Zang Xian, Golden Sovereign, Void Sovereign and Empress Xiao Yao for example, which of these peerless figure didn’t have innumerable white bones as their stepping stones. Although Jiang Chen was young, he already possessed the absolute demeanor of those superior beings. Someone even predicted that sooner or later, he would become an existence that was on par with Immortal Execution King or Great Sovereign Zang Xian, or may even surpass all of them, and become the greatest Sovereign of all the ages.

The killing continued. The final tribulation of the Nine Tribulations of Slaughter was just too great. The whole Corpse Yin Sect had already been flattened, its usual appearance destroyed.

The immense destruction brought about by the heavenly tribulation had completely damaged all the spiritual veins beneath the sect. This land was destined to be barren for the next hundreds of years.

The current Jiang Chen didn’t seem very well either. A trace of blood could be seen at the corner of his mouth. Frankly, he had underestimated the power of the final tribulation. Although he had already destroyed Corpse Yin Sect, he also bore the remaining energy of the final tribulation without the help of the pagoda.

“My present condition may be a little unfavorable for my escape.”

Jiang Chen frowned. The heavenly tribulation was about to end soon, but he couldn’t leave yet, because the tribulation would follow him wherever he went. Right now, there were many pairs of eyes watching him. Those were the experts with extreme power. Once he fell into their trap, the consequences would be unimaginable.

However, he couldn’t care about that anymore. There was no way he could avoid the heavenly tribulation, so for now, he could only take one step at a time. By using the wood spiritual qi, his injuries recovered at a crazy speed.

The heavenly tribulation ended very quickly. Corpse Yin Sect had completely disappeared from the world. Countless have died. Some of those who managed to escape could only lead an ignoble life. The once famous Corpse Yin Sect had become history in Eastern Profound Domain.

Corpse Yin Sect wasn’t comparable to the other major powers whose geniuses could be sent to the Immortal Court. This was because the Immortal Court wouldn’t allow anyone from the evil path to enter their grounds. Therefore, the death of Old Ancestor and Old Man Corpse Yin had brought the annihilation of Corpse Yin Sect.

The atmosphere became quiet. Everyone was staring at the black smoky sect which was in ruins.

*Hong Long……*

Just as the heavenly tribulation ended, huge openings suddenly blew up in various  places in the void. Endless pressure spread across. Then, a few strong figures emerged. Their qi was incomparably powerful and wasn’t any weaker compared to Old Ancestor Corpse Yin. They came from different directions, and had sealed the entire void the instant the heavenly tribulation ended.

Only now did Jiang Chen’s facial expression changed, because he found out that there were too many experts that had appeared. Apart from those late Immortal Venerables, there were also many other experts.

Within just a few blinks, around twenty late Immortal Venerables had appeared in the sky. All of them had old ancestor status. They were the supreme experts of the Ethereal Immortal Domain, Eastern Profound Domain, Western Profound Domain, Southern Profound Domain and Northern Profound Domain. Their presence had virtually sealed the entire Eastern Profound Domain. Even with the Great Void Technique, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to escape from them. Plus, his body had become slightly weak after confronting the heavenly tribulation.

“Dammit! The tables are turning. There are so many old ancestors. Jiang Chen’s finished this time.”

“That’s too aggressive. Nothing as such has ever taken place in the Immortal World. Numerous great ancestor figures have appeared. It seems like they can see the threat of Jiang Chen pretty well, and have let go of their faces. If they can’t kill Jiang Chen today, I’m afraid that they won’t have the chance anymore.”

“These old ancestors have surely been paying close attention to the development of the situation, but they weren’t willing to come forward. The heavenly tribulation has clearly told them how serious the threat was, and they felt compelled to interfere. So, they have decided to appear the instant the heavenly tribulation ended. Such a scene is incomparable to the previous.”

“What now? Could it be that Jiang Chen will really be killed? Without the heavenly tribulation, he won’t be able to escape even with the Great Void Technique. I’m afraid that it won’t be enough for him to rely on the Sun Divine Feather as all of these old ancestor level figures are terrifying late Immortal Venables.”


The scenario changed rapidly. A moment ago, Jiang Chen was playing the majestic role under the heavenly tribulation. Now, he had become the turtle in a jar, besieged by countless old ancestors. The possibility of his death had become certain. 

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