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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1705

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“My Goodness! He has actually initiated the heavenly tribulation that only Great Sovereigns could trigger! There are rumours saying that the existence of some heaven-defying experts will cause the envy of the Heavens thereby causing the heavenly tribulation to befall the expert. However, there are only very few people with such monstrous talent. There has never been one as such since the ancient times.” Hua Guyi had lost her composure. Jiang Chen’s appearance had really startled her.

“He’s precisely that heaven-defying. If he doesn’t die, he will definitely become a Great Sovereign.” Linglong sighed, her emotion was also stirred.

Even Tyrant and Han Yan who already knew Jiang Chen’s heaven-defying abilities, felt startled for the first time, initiating a heavenly tribulation in the Immortal World isn’t as simple as in Saint Origin World.

“Good, good! I really didn’t expect this. This kid is actually so heaven-defying to such an extent. Even the major powers had never expected this possibility! Their inescapable formation has crumbled. Everyone should know that Jiang Chen is triggering his own tribulation. Anyone who’s trapped in the tribulation will become its target as well. That will be absolute destruction. Even the old ancestors of the major powers will die under its power. I’m afraid that the entire domain is going to be plunged into real chaos today. Jiang Chen won’t let this matter rest.”

Yang Yu’s eyes sparkled. He felt pretty aggrieved when the eight major powers came to the gates of Genius Prefecture with rage a few days ago. Seeing those unparalleled experts running away from Jiang Chen like a mouse seeing a cat, the stifled feeling in his heart was finally vented. 

Jiang Chen was standing in the void, ignoring the rumbling thunder above. Confronting the tribulation was just an ordinary matter to him, his body had long been accustomed to it. An ordinary tribulation wouldn’t be able to cause him any harm.

Jiang Chen appeared next to Dragon Shisan and grabbed him with his arm.

*Hong Long……*

At this time, a bright thunderbolt fell from the sky and struck unbiasedly at the top of Jiang Chen’s head. Instantly, the lightning enveloped him and Dragon Shisan’s corpse, forming a dense net that made people’s scalp numb, however this terrifying lightning tribulation didn’t seem to tickle Jiang Chen’s body in the slightest bit.

He channeled the lighting into Dragon Shisan’s body, intending to stimulate a trace of vitality in Dragon Shisan’s body. At the same time, he instilled a large amount of wood spiritual qi into Dragon Shisan’s body. He was just trying his luck at first, but after a while, he was surprised to find that those lightning and wood spiritual qi were naturally absorbed by Dragon Shisan’s body.

“This Monkey isn’t dead!”

He was utterly startled, and immediately, joy filled his face. If Dragon Shisan was dead, he wouldn’t be able to absorb the lightning and wood spiritual qi on his own. Upon seeing that the monkey could absorb them, Jiang Chen was convinced that he wasn’t dead.

It now makes sense. I remember that this bastard has cultivated the Life Symbol Art that could give him a slim chance of surviving. He can still live even though he has been killed. The secret art of the Battle Clan is surely horrifying, his injuries are very severe however, his eyes were destroyed and his viscera were shattered. It won’t be easy for him to be fully recovered.

Jiang Chen knitted his brows, but in any case, Dragon Shisan wasn’t entirely dead. The monkey had retained a glimmer of vitality with the help of the Life Symbol Art in the last minute. No doubt, this was good news.

*Hong Long……*

The thunder continued to rumble. The second tribulation was formed in an instant. In the sky above, a red devil dragon had appeared. It was entirely condensed with the force of lighting, and carried endless heavenly aura, looking tremendously terrifying.

Not only that, the blood-red devil dragon also carried endless killing intent.

Jiang Chen raised his head and saw that there were seven bloody light condensing non-stop at the back of the blood-red devil dragon. That was to say, there would be seven more tribulations after this. In total, there were nine of them.

This is the legendary Nine Tribulations of Slaughter. Good. This is suited to my Slaughter Dragon Seal. After refining it with the heavenly lightning, and letting it absorb the immense lightning force, it will certainly become even more frightening. The Slaughter Dragon Seal itself carries the killing intent of the Ancestral Dragon. After experiencing the Nine Tribulations of Slaughter, it will contain killing intent and the pressure of the Heavens. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled excitedly.

“What a formidable heavenly tribulation! I suppose that the Tribulation of a Great Sovereign is similar to this.” Hua Guyi’s face paled. The pressure radiating from the tribulation made her uncomfortable.

“I wonder if Jiang Chen can survive this heavenly tribulation.” Lan Lingji murmured.

From a far distance, the fleeing Immortal Venerables had come to a halt, their eyes stared unblinkingly at Jiang Chen and the heavenly tribulation.

“This is a powerful tribulation. There are a total of nine of them. It should be the Nine Tribulations of Slaughter in the legends. The killing intent of this tribulation is too heavy. Jiang Chen won’t be able to bear it. He definitely will die under this tribulation.”

“That’s right. If Jiang Chen is killed in the tribulation, our trouble would also be eliminated.”

“Even if Jiang Chen doesn’t die, he will surely be weakened after that. By then, killing him will be easy.”


Numerous Immortal Venerables had concluded that Jiang Chen would die under the terrifying tribulation. After all, no ordinary cultivator would be able to bear it. The Nine Tribulations of Slaughter was one of the scariest heavenly tribulations. Even if Jiang Chen didn’t die, he would be at their mercy the moment he plunged into a weakened state.

Unfortunately, these Immortal Venerables didn’t have any idea about Jiang Chen. Fleeing away now was their best option, or else it would bring them infinite disaster.

Jiang Chen looked at the murderous devil dragon that was rushing down towards him and Dragon Shisan. He realized that a trace of vital force began to form in Dragon Shisan’s body after his Life Symbol Art was activated by the lightning energy and wood spiritual qi. Then, Jiang Chen fed a drop of Great Earth Immortal Milk into Dragon Shisan’s mouth and placed him into the thirty-third level of Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

“Monkey, let me seek vengeance for you.”

The killing intent in Jiang Chen’s body seemed to have formed a tacit understanding with the Nine Tribulations of Slaughter. Although Dragon Shisan wasn’t dead, he had suffered severe injuries. So, some people were bound to pay the price. He was crystal clear that if Dragon Shisan didn’t cultivate the Life Symbol Art, the monkey would be as good as dead now.


Jiang Chen cast his eyes on Old Man Corpse Yin that was far away, and then casted the Great Void Technique, charging at him at lightning speed.

As Jiang Chen moved, the tribulation in the sky also moved. It would follow Jiang Chen wherever he went.

To these Immortal Venerables, the real doomsday had just arrived. 

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