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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1695

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Everyone was in trepidation the whole night. Billions of people couldn’t settle down. The name of the god of slaughter was spread rapidly across the domains, and his prestige was established in just one night. He was the first man ever and probably the last who could do this. So many peerless figures had appeared in the Immortal World and left eternal fame in the history for all the great things they had achieved, but none of them came close to what Jiang Chen did – beheading his enemies and hanging their heads on top of the mountain even though he was being hunted by so many of his enemies.

Jiang Chen didn’t attack this time, but the major powers didn’t dare to relax. Several hundred experts, including half-step Immortal Venerables of nearly fifty major powers from the four different domains were keeping a vigilant lookout almost everywhere in Eastern Profound Domain.

This was an unprecedented event in Eastern Profound Domain. There had never been so many Immortal Venerables present here before.

Ever since the beheading, even the old ancestor of Corpse Yin Sect had emerged. He was a late Immortal Venerable supreme expert who rarely showed himself under normal circumstances. Today, for the sake of catching a young half-step Immortal Emperor, he had appeared. In the old ancestor’s opinion, this was something beyond his imagination.

However, the old ancestors of the other major powers didn’t show up. After all, given their level of cultivation, they rarely appeared in public as they had all been striving for the higher realm, and had no time caring about matters other than cultivating. Moreover, given their status, if they really appeared just to hunt down a half-step Immortal Emperor, they would lose all their faces, which was something they couldn’t afford.

By contrast, the way Corpse Yin Sect did things was different. They focused on efficiency and result. Face was the last thing that they cared about.

“The matter is getting bigger and bigger. Even the old ancestor of Corpse Yin Sect has appeared. If Jiang Chen were to attack again, he would probably be targeted by the old ancestor and would find it difficult to escape at that time.”

“It’s hard to say. The Great Void Technique that he mastered is a legacy left by the Void Sovereign. If he deliberately avoids the old ancestor, I’m afraid that even the old ancestor won’t be able to trace his movement.”

“Jiang Chen’s method of killing was just too savage. He has created irreconcilable grudges between him and numerous major powers. There will be a life-and-death battle in the end. After today’s matter, those major powers won’t dare to look down on Jiang Chen anymore, and will redouble their vigilance and effort.”

“We’ll see. Even the old ancestor of Corpse Yin Sect has appeared, I think Jiang Chen will still appear tomorrow. He’s a man who isn’t afraid of the Heavens and Earth. He’s a man who would dare to pluck a tiger’s whiskers from above its mouth.”


No one was able to remain calm this night. Discussions and gossips were everywhere. The sky was filled with powerful pressure. Those with weaker strength were shivering under such a pressure.

Anyone who wasn’t involved became a spectator. Such an unprecedented incident would surely go down in history. Many of them had concluded that Jiang Chen would attack again based on his behavior.

In Great Qian Empire, Yang Yu and Yang Zanqing were unable to sleep, too, paying close attention to the situation outside. Although they had already severed their relationship with Jiang Chen, they still regarded Jiang Chen as their ally and part of Great Qian Empire in their hearts. The main reason they cut off their relationship with Jiang Chen was to protect Great Qian Empire.

Late at night, in King Fan Prefecture!

A beautiful girl was staring at the night sky. The night today was unusually dark. The pressure of the Immortal Venerables had blotted out the moon and stars.

“Big Brother Jiang will be alright.” A girl muttered. She had a delicate face, her eyes shone brightly, but carried a trace of sadness.

“That’s of course. The one who can kill your Big Brother Jiang hasn’t appeared yet.”

At this moment, a voice sounded. Then, a man clad in white materialized next to the girl. Who could he be if he wasn’t Jiang Chen?

The girl wheeled around. When she saw Jiang Chen, her face was instantly filled with joy. Failing to control her emotions, he threw herself into Jiang Chen’s arms.

Jiang Chen patted the girl’s shoulder and sighed. 

“QingChen, don’t I look alright?”

Jiang Chen spoke in a gentle tone. There were some feelings which he couldn’t avoid and was bound to face it. Just like the feelings Yan Qingcheng had for him. He wouldn’t be able to hide himself away from her forever.

Since he couldn’t avoid it, he might as well face it.

“Big Brother Jiang, those major powers are looking for you everywhere. Won’t you be found by coming here?”

After regaining from her excitement, she began to worry. There was no way she wouldn’t be because she knew Jiang Chen’s situation now. The whole Immortal Domain was shaken. Countless experts were pursuing him, and they were mostly Immortal Venerables, a level that Yan Qingcheng would never dare to imagine. 

“Don’t worry. No one will find me unless I let them,” said Jiang Chen. 

With the Great Void Technique, he could go anywhere he wanted. He had come to King Fan Prefecture quietly. No one knew that he was in the prefecture now.

He had neglected Yan Qingcheng ever since he brought her to King Fan Prefecture. For this, he felt that he owed something to her.

“Qingcheng, the reason I came is to help you improve your cultivation and physique. After all, this is Eastern Profound Domain, the true Immortal World. Making yourself stronger is always the most important.”

Jiang Chen spoke, then took out the Great Earth Immortal Milk. He didn’t expect Yan Qingcheng to have a great fortune as Wu Ningzhu and Yan Chenyu, but he did hope that she could get a little bit stronger.

“En, alright.”

Yan Qingcheng nodded and didn’t ask him what he was holding in his hand. It had to be a rare treasure anyhow. Ever since she came to King Fan Prefecture, she had acknowledged Old Man Bai Weng as her master, and been training hard day and night, however she hadn’t made much progress.

She was deeply in love with Jiang Chen, however she also knew very well that Jiang Chen was destined to be someone with great achievements. Which was why she continued to cultivate so that she wouldn’t become a burden to him.

Just like Wu Ningzhu, she would never let go of any chance that would help her become stronger.

In order to become Jiang Chen’s woman, she had to be special, and this was destined to be exhausting.

She had no complaints and reluctance, however. Instead, she felt contented. 

After using the Great Earth Immortal Milk and wood spiritual qi to cleanse her meridians, he left the rest to her own as she was different from Tianji Zi, her abilities were much stronger compared to his master. Therefore, she was capable of absorbing it.

Soon, the light appeared in the sky.

“Qingcheng, I’ve to go now. After you have refined the Great Earth Immortal Milk, ask King Fan to bring you to Genius Prefecture to further your cultivation. You don’t have to worry about me. I won’t die,” said Jiang Chen.

“En, you have to be careful. I heard that even the old ancestor of Corpse Yin Sect has appeared, and is looking everywhere for you. He’s a late Immortal Venerable expert,” Yan Qingcheng warned.

“Hmm, I already know that. Since that old bastard has left Corpse Yin Sect, I’ll storm their lair, making his sect disappear completely!”

Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly. He didn’t have the slightest positive feeling towards this sect. He had long vowed to eliminate this evil power one day. Since they had been so eager to kill him, and even the old ancestor himself had emerged, he naturally wouldn’t be lenient to them.

Casting the Great Void Technique, his destination now was the gate of Corpse Yin Sect. Since the old ancestor had left the sect, there wouldn’t be any powerful experts left inside. He would surely deal a huge blow to the sect. It would be a lethal and destructive blow.

Corpse Yin Sect was situated in Corpse Yin Mountain. The whole stretch of mountain range radiated evil and gloomy qi that gave people extreme discomfort.

“Corpse Yin Sect, I will annihilate you all today, to teach you a big lesson for offending me, Jiang Chen.” 

Arriving at the sky above Corpse Yin Sect, he raised the Sun Divine Feather.

*Hong Long……*

A large hole had been created in the void. The Sun Divine Feather turned into a 30 000 meters fire dragon.

A red column of light soared to the sky. That was the powerful fire of sun; the fire dragon danced in the sky. Without a loud yell, the enormous fire dragon was swung at the sect below. It was like a flaming heavenly river falling down from the firmament. Before the people of Corpse Yin Sect could react, they were struck without warning.

*Hong Long……*

The Heaven and Earth shook. The colour of the sky changed. That was an immeasurable energy. Under the terrifying impact of the fire dragon, the entire Corpse Yin Sect was slashed in half. 

Countless buildings, including the palace and sacrificial altar, were smashed to pieces. It was not known how many people had died in this strike.

Shortly after that, a terrible disaster was spread across ten thousand miles of the sect. That was the fire of sun, the greatest bane of Corpse Yin Sect.

“Ah…” “Ah…” “Ah…”

Innumerable screams sounded. A large number of disciples were instantly ingulfed by the sea of fire and turned to ashes.

“It’s Jiang Chen! He has emerged. Quickly inform the old ancestor!”

“Tell the Sect Master and old ancestor to return fast! Or else our sect will be annihilated.”

“Ah……! Dammit! This man is insane! He’s ruining our sect!”


Corpse Yin Sect was in complete disorder. The blow made by Jiang Chen was too great and irrecoverable.

*Whoosh…* *Whoosh…*

Two Immortal Venerables materialized and immediately launched their corpse puppets at Jiang Chen, wanting to get Jiang Chen entangled until the old ancestor returned. Both of their eyes had already turned pure red. Their sect had never suffered such a major loss. The whole sect had been cut in half, and half of their disciples had died in the sea of fire.

Despite their anger, they still revealed fear on their faces as they already knew about the incident of Jiang Chen killing Immortal Venerables. Which was why they had only used their corpse puppets to keep Jiang Chen busy, instead of themselves. 

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