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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1692

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He walked in the interior of the void leisurely like an ethereal being. There was nowhere else in the world that he couldn’t go. There was nothing that could stop him, not even the spatial crevice, turbulent air current and the world barrier. This was the power of the Great Void Technique.

It was rumoured that the greatest extent of the Great Void Technique could allow one to travel across different worlds. It was unimaginable to Jiang Chen. What he had learned was merely a shred of the technique. If he was able to control the technique as finely as the Void Sovereign, he was afraid that not even the law of the Immortal World could suppress him – he could leave the Immortal World and return to Saint Origin World at any time.

Of course, this would only happen when the cultivation of Great Void Technique reached its peak. Given Jiang Chen’s current state, it was absolutely impossible for him to do it.

When a person was left alone, random thoughts tended to race in his mind. Just like now, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but think of Big Yellow, everything that happened in Golden Horizon, the scenes in the Great Thousand Mirror, the secrets of Golden Clan and the place called Desolate Ancient Land.

“Where in the world is the Desolate Ancient Land?” Jiang Chen frowned. 

Big Yellow had told Jiang Chen to go to that place to save him. This made Jiang Chen very worried, given Big Yellow’s personality, he rarely urged someone to save him. Since he wanted Jiang Chen to go rescue him, it indicated that there was something in the Desolate Ancient Land that he couldn’t handle.

“I shouldn’t think about these unrealistic things for now. Even if I know where the Desolate Ancient Land is, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to help Big Yellow. My top priority now is to improve my cultivation base as much as possible.”

A trace of resoluteness glinted from Jiang Chen’s eyes. It was better to act than just thinking too much. Nothing was more important than strength. Whether it was to save Big Yellow or Yan Chenyu, he had to deal with the immediate situation first, and he desperately needed powerful strength. Now that he had become the enemy of so many major powers, he must improve his cultivation base.

“In order to break through to the Immortal Emperor realm, I have to comprehend the Dao of Slaughter first which could lead to the evolution of the dragon transformation skill. Currently, the Ancestral Dragon of Slaughter has once again gone silent in my innermost soul. It seems my killing intent wasn’t sufficient back then. In that case, I’ll kill again to summon the Ancestral Dragon of Slaughter once more. After that, the evolution of dragon transformation skill will be stimulated. As long as the dragon transformation skill evolves, I will be able to advance to the next realm.”

Killing intent resurfaced in his body. For the sake of evolving the dragon transformation skill, he must continue killing.

In Eastern Profound Domain, there were silhouettes of Immortal Venerables everywhere. Apart from the experts of the eight major powers, there were also Immortal Venerables coming from the other three domains. The whole Eastern Profound Domain seemed to have become a huge net. As long as Jiang Chen jumped into it, he certainly wouldn’t be able to get out.

There was an early Immortal Venerable expert from Nanbei Family with a dignified face hovering in the sky above a mountain range. His body was surrounded by whirlpools of trembling air. His divine sense covered tens of thousands of miles, searching the place thoroughly for traces of Jiang Chen.

A high and mighty Immortal Venerable would never appear at a place like this in normal days, but in order to pursue Jiang Chen, he had taken the initiative to come. 

Just as the elder was scanning the surroundings with his divine sense, a silhouette emerged somewhere not far away stealthily. There wasn’t even the slightest bit of fluctuation in the space when the man appeared. It was terrifyingly silent, exactly as unnoticeable as a ghost.

“Are you looking for me?”

The voice of the incomer made the elder shudder. He then swiveled around and saw a white-clothed youth standing composedly not far away, holding a dazzling feather.

“Sun Divine Feather! You are Jiang Chen?”

The elder exclaimed. Putting aside Jiang Chen’s qi, the Sun Divine Feather was the biggest symbol of Jiang Chen now, there was only one person in the entire world that held such a treasure.

However, the thing that shocked him the most was that Jiang Chen was able to emerge unnoticeably near him. It was undoubtedly terrifying. One should know that as an Immortal Venerable, he had incredibly sharp senses. There was almost nothing that could escape from his senses. He could even sense the slightest fluctuation in the void. This explained why he was startled by Jiang Chen’s sudden appearance.

“It seems you truly have mastered the Great Void Technique. You can even escape from my senses.”

The elder’s tone was deep. Jiang Chen’s appearance had made him understand that it was useless for so many Immortal Venerables in Eastern Profound Domain to hunt this youth down, because none of them could sense anything even if Jiang Chen walked right past them.

Aside from shock, delight seemed to be plastered on his face. After all, his main purpose of coming here was to kill Jiang Chen. Now that he had found the culprit, he was naturally feeling excited.

“Which major power do you belong? I, Jiang Chen, don’t want to kill a nobody, especially when the person I want to kill is an Immortal Venerable. It’s better for me to know your identity first,” said Jiang Chen. This was his first time confronting an Immortal Venerable. In any case, he had to show some respect.

Given Jiang Chen’s cultivation base, he ought to flee if he saw an early Immortal Venerable as he was no match for such an opponent, but with the Sun Divine Feather in his hand, he could even kill a half-step Immortal Venerable genius like Zhang Yulang with a single blow. That was to say, it wouldn’t be too hard to kill an early Immortal Venerable elder. Even though geniuses like Zhang Yulang wasn’t as powerful as an early Immortal Venerable, the difference in strength between them was miniscule.

Right now, he was afraid that only intermediate Immortal Venerables could deal with him.

“Haha! What an arrogant kid! You think you can look down on the whole world because you have the Sun Divine Feather? It seems you have no idea how scary Immortal Venerables are. If you hand over the Sun Divine Feather now and follow me back to Nanbei Family, I may grant you a swift death.”

The elder let out a laugh. This was the funniest joke he had ever heard. A half-step Immortal Emperor brat was declaring to kill him. What could it be if it wasn’t a joke?

He stared at the Sun Divine Feather in Jiang Chen’s hand, eyes glinting with greed. He felt that this was a gift from God that he had encountered Jiang Chen, after killing Jiang Chen, the Sun Divine Feather would be his. With the Sun Divine Feather, he would become a supreme existence in the whole Eastern Profound Domain.

“It seems like you belong to Nanbei Family. Wonderful. Since you want the Sun Divine Feather, I would like to see if you can get it,” said Jiang Chen, then the Sun Divine Feather was slashed at the elder swiftly.

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