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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1690

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Seeing that the old devil wanted to flee, Jiang Chen’s mouth curled into a smile. It would be a disgrace if an insignificant intermediate Immortal Emperor were to escape from him. He would never let this enemy escape.

Just by gently thrusting his hand at the void, the old devil lost control of his movement and was yanked from inside.

“The matter isn’t over yet. Why are you in such a hurry to leave?” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

“Very well, I admit defeat today. How do you want to settle it, brat?”

The old devil spoke spitefully, but at this point, he had no choice but to give in. As the saying goes, people lowered their heads if they were under the eaves. This youth was just too powerful. He wasn’t a match for him. Although his cultivation base was higher compared to the youth, their combat strengths were at two totally different levels.

Ever since he made his first public appearance, he had never suffered such a degree of humiliation and loss. Given his identity, who wouldn’t give him face? Even if he had gone too far, the other party could only remain quiet and nurse the anger. Today was no different than being capsized in a sewer. It made him so depressed because not only did he lost the match but would most likely lost an arm too.

“It will naturally be an eye for an eye. You have taken someone’s life, so you have to leave yours. Don’t you think this is reasonable?” answered Jiang Chen nonchalantly.


The old devil was stunned for a while, doubting if his ears had heard the wrong words before he burst into laughter. “Brat, am I hearing it wrong? You dare to kill me? Do you know who am I?”

“A disciple of Corpse Yin Sect.”

Jiang Chen looked at the old devil with interest. He was intrigued by the identity of this old devil. Judging by the devil’s tone, he did seem to be someone with unordinary status.

The old devil’s smile came to a halt abruptly and he looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief. “You now Corpse Yin Sect? That’s great! I don’t mind telling you that I’m the younger brother of Old Man Corpse Yin. If you dare to kill me, your entire pavilion will be buried for my death.”

“The younger brother of Old Man Corpse Yin. It seems I really can’t kill you after all.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes twitched. He had never thought that he would catch a big fish today. 

If this bastard had a different identity, he would most likely be killed immediately, but since he was the younger brother of Old Man Corpse Yin, Jiang Chen was reluctant to kill him.

“Brat, you are indeed wise. If you kneel down now and kowtow in front of me, call me your master and contribute this pavilion to me, I may show mercy to the lives of thousands of your disciples.”

The old devil felt certain that Jiang Chen was starting to feel afraid. After all, the name of Old Man Corpse Yin was sufficient to draw fear out of someone who heard it in Eastern Profound Domain. Plus, Corpse Yin Sect was also known for their horrifying style of conduct. Who wouldn’t fear them?

“I don’t seem to understand why Old Man Corpse Yin would have a garbage as his younger brother.” 

Jiang Chen shook his head. This was the thing that made him wonder. Old Man Corpse Yin was the Sect Master of Corpse Yin Sect, and also an intermediate Immortal Venerable. No matter how incapable his young brother was, he would at least be a half-step Immortal Venerable. However, the truth was that the younger brother was merely an intermediate Immortal Emperor. Moreover, instead of practicing in Eastern Profound Domain, he had come to One-Line-Sky and break some rules, it seemed like he wasn’t making any attempts to improve his cultivation.

“What did you just say?” The old devil’s face darkened but didn’t dare to make a move. 

“It seems like you still don’t know anything about the Golden Horizon. The fact that I’m not killing you doesn’t mean that I’m letting you go, however I might make your life even worse,” said Jiang Chen as he abruptly launched a palm forth, hitting the forehead of the old devil. Traces of fire of sun entered the old devil’s body from above.


The old devil shrieked shrilly. The only thing he felt was heat. It felt as though a fire dragon was rampaging inside his body. His meridians and Qi Sea were destroyed by the trace of sun fire. He had been turned into a cripple within a minute.

“You-you have crippled me! How dare you! Ah……”

The old devil screamed at the top of his lungs. As an intermediate Immortal Emperor, he was used to showing off and being noble. Having his cultivation base taken away was like plunging him down from the pinnacle of the pyramid into the depths of the mud. He would never be able to climb out of it again. That kind of feeling couldn’t be understood by ordinary people, as it was far worse than death.

“Kill me! Kill me quick!”

The old devil went mad. He felt that he no longer had the courage to continue living, there was no longer meaning to his life.

“Humph! It will be hard for you to die the moment you have fallen into my hands. Just wait and you will see your brother soon.”

Jiang Chen struck out a few seals to seal the old devil, giving him no chance to commit suicide. Then, he was tossed casually into the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

“Master is getting more and more horrifying,” an elder spoke. 

Every gaze on Jiang Chen was full of respect. Jiang Chen’s rapid progress was simply too inconceivable. If he hadn’t returned in time today, the disciples of the sect would have been slaughtered by the old devil.

“Why has Chen Er returned so suddenly? Could it be that you have predicted that Skycloud Pavilion would be in trouble?”

Tianji Zi smiled. Now that the crisis had been resolved, the tension in everyone was lifted.

“Master, I have returned this time to treat your injuries. I just happened to bump into this old devil who was trying to endanger the lives of everyone in Skycloud Pavilion when I arrived, so I might as well help you all to get rid of this devil,” said Jiang Chen. Although Tianji Zi still couldn’t practice any cultivation, his spirit and vigour eased Jiang Chen’s heart.

“What? Chen Er, you-you could treat my injuries?”

Tianji Zi found it difficult to believe and was so excited that his voice was quavering. He knew his injuries very well, he had already lost hope in recovering a long time ago.

Now, Jiang Chen has returned from thousands of miles away and said that he could heal his injuries. If this didn’t come from Jiang Chen’s mouth, he would never believe it.

“Yes, master. I have a way to make you recover.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Good, good! Chen Er, even if master can’t recover from it, master is already grateful for your intention.”

Tianji Zi appeared moved. The circle in his eyes reddened slightly. Comparing him to Ouyang He, he was truly lucky as his eyesight was, after all, better than Master Ouyang. There was no comparison at all between Jiang Chen and Tian Muyun.

“He has the utmost respect for his own master, and values relationship and righteousness. Skycloud Pavilion is truly fortunate to have him.”

Daoist Yufeng stroked his beard and his eyes full of praise as he looked at Jiang Chen. Back when Jiang Chen left, he didn’t think that Jiang Chen would return. Such rare a genius would continue to soar further and higher. Skycloud Pavilion was only a stop he once passed by. The fact that he returned indicated his concern for his master and friends. There weren’t many young people nowadays who would value relationship as much as Jiang Chen did.  

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