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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1686

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“Yang Yu, you think that we won’t dare to do so? After suffering so much loss from Golden Horizon, how can we leave just because of a word from you!?” Yun Tianzun yelled and unleashed his aura that wasn’t remotely weaker than Yang Yu’s.

“There’s no need to speak so much nonsense. My empire will never fear a life-and-death war.” A wave of qi rose from Yang Yu’s head. That was the qi of ruthlessness.

As it turned out, the leaders of the eight major powers began to hesitate as they had never thought that Yang Yu’s dominance was this strong. As matter of fact, even if they had the desire to attack Great Qian Empire, they were filled with concerns, after all this was the territory of Great Qian Empire which was one of the eleven major powers in Eastern Profound Domain, and they all knew how massive the empire’s forces were. Even if they could defeat them, suffering heavy casualties was unavoidable.

“It seems Jiang Chen really isn’t in Great Qian Empire. If we fight them now, it won’t do us any good. What we need to do now is to hunt down Jiang Chen and kill him instead of fighting against Great Qian Empire to our death because that will only benefit Jiang Chen, just like the saying ‘When the snip and the clam grapple, it’s the fisherman who stands to benefit.’ Additionally, that man has unordinary luck. If he’s given sufficient time to grow, he will surely be a disaster for us. Don’t forget that he has the Sun Divine Feather and Great Void Technique,” the Patriarch of Zhuge Family, Zhuge Qiong, spoke. He was dressed like a scholar and seemed to be in his thirties, his eyes glowing with the light of wisdom.

“Patriarch Zhuge’s right. There’s still the old ancestor of Great Qian Empire that has yet to appear. We may not gain anything by starting a war. Furthermore, we can’t start a life-and-death war with Great Qian Empire just because of Jiang Chen. As the Great Cloud Empire and Great Qian Empire have always been at odds with each other, Yun Tianzun wanted to exploit this relationship by provoking us to annihilate Great Qian Empire. We don’t have to fall into his trap. Besides, the top priority now is to hunt and kill him who is so much more threatening than Great Qian Empire,” said the Sect Master of Limitless Immortal Sect. Although he’s also full of fury when he arrived, the fact that he could earn such prestige and status in the Immortal World indicated that he wasn’t an idiot. It was absolutely not worth it to have a war against the Great Qian Empire now. The eight major powers had suffered enough losses, and compared to the Great Qian Empire, Jiang Chen posed undoubtedly the greatest threat.

“Let’s go. There’s no point in wasting our time here as we aren’t going to have a war anyway. If Yun Tianzun wants to have a war with Great Qian Empire, let him be. We are going to place all of our efforts in hunting down Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan now. I heard that Dragon Shisan is a descendant of the Battle Saint Ape and possesses the terrifying Battle Saint Technique, which also makes him an enormous threat.”

Old Ancestor Yellow Spring was a wise man. How could he not weigh the stakes between the matters? No matter how they looked at it, it was not worthwhile to go to war against the Great Qian Empire. Obviously, Yun Tianzun wanted to take advantage of their anger. Indeed, Yun Tianzun was very sly, but they weren’t fools either. How could they be exploited by someone so easily?

“Yang Yu, we are going to hunt down Jiang Chen. I hope Great Qian Empire won’t interfere in it,” Nanbei Taisheng said to Yang Yu.

“Of course. Jiang Chen is no longer related to my empire.”

Yang Yu replied and smiled bitterly in his heart, for he wanted to participate in the hunt to help Jiang Chen, but he couldn’t. He knew very well how great the trouble Jiang Chen had caused was. He was afraid that the wrath of the eight major powers was just the beginning. There was still the Immortal Court and the major powers from the other two Immortal Domains. Even if Yang Yu had three heads and six arms, he wouldn’t be able to protect Jiang Chen. The only thing he could do now was to pray that Jiang Chen wasn’t killed, even though he, as the Emperor of the empire, was responsible for his people and should save them from plunging into dire suffering. 

As such, he could only stay out of the matter as he couldn’t afford to offend the Immortal Court.


Nanbei Taisheng bade goodbye and left with his subordinates. At this point, he couldn’t continue wasting his time. Since he couldn’t afford a war, he’d better go and do something more meaningful.

After their departure, the other major powers began to leave successively; in the end, only one major power was left, the infuriated Yun Tianzun and his elders.

“Yun Tianzun, is it because you want to have a cup of tea with me that you are still here?” Yang Yu showed a mocking face.

“Yang Yu, don’t you get too arrogant. After killing Jiang Chen, I will declare war on the Great Qian Empire,” Yun Tianzun spoke maliciously.

“Anytime,” replied Yang Yu fearlessly.

“Let’s go.”

Yun Tianzun flicked his sleeve and vanished along with his people. His plan of exploiting the forces of the other major powers to annihilate Great Qian Empire had failed. Now that he was the only major power left, it made no sense for him to stay any longer.

“Father, it seems the war against the Great Cloud Empire is inevitable,” said Yang Bufan.

“En, Bufan, the war against them will be a big chance for you to establish your prestige.” Yang Yu patted Yang Bufan’s shoulder, then turned and left.

Two rays of cold light shot out from Yang Bufan’s eyes. He understood what his father meant. In order to control the empire and become the Emperor, he must have the ability and achievements that were sufficient to subdue people. The war against the opposing empire was undoubtedly a golden opportunity.

The crisis of the Great Qian Empire had been resolved by Yang Yu’s domineering attitude. A true Emperor must be able to bear the fate of the empire even in the most critical situation. Yang Yu was, without a doubt, a qualified conqueror.

On the other hand, the crisis of Jiang Chen had only begun.

After the sect masters and elders returned to their respective sects, they immediately issued the ultimate order to kill which spread across the entire Eastern Profound Domain rapidly like the wind, along with the incidents that happened in Golden Horizon. Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan had become the most wanted men ever in the history of the Immortal World.

It was afraid that the Immortal Court would also look for the two of them later on. It wasn’t an exaggeration that they had become one of the most wanted people in the world as no one else had received such attention apart from the two of them.

“My goodness! The eight major powers in Eastern Profound Domain issued the ultimate order to kill at the same time. What did Jiang Chen do to infuriate them so much that they have to hunt him down?”

“Haven’t you heard of it yet? Jiang Chen has killed an awful lot of geniuses from those eight major powers, causing them to suffer tremendous losses. When have the eight major powers ever suffered these much losses? They will naturally feel compelled to eradicate Jiang Chen.”

“I heard that Jiang Chen has killed a few thousand geniuses this time, including the geniuses of Immortal Court. How heaven-defying was that! This is only the beginning. I’m afraid that the Immortal Court will also pursue Jiang Chen as well soon. Really terrifying!”

“The entire Eastern Profound Domain, no, the whole Ethereal Immortal Domain is plunging into chaos.”


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