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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1685

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The sky was now overcast. The experts of the eight major powers were now standing outside Genius Prefecture, each blazing with rage. The weakest amongst them was at the half-step Immortal Venerable realm. They were the elders of their respective sects.

“The Immortal Venerables from eight major powers have come to my empire on such a large scale, I wonder what’s the reason.”

Yang Yu spoke aloud. He stood at the front most of the group. The aura of conqueror radiating from him was extremely strong. His voice echoed back and forth in the void, like a massive bell. He was a peerless Emperor and a ruler of an empire. Every gesture he made projected his dominance and dignity. Even in the face of such a huge army, there wasn’t the slightest bit of change on his face.

“Yang Yu, cut your crap. Hand over Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan now.”

Nanbei Taisheng clamored. Every one of them had come for the same purpose. There was no need for them to pretend and be polite.

“That’s right. Hand Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan to us now. Otherwise, we won’t let this matter rest. Those two bastards have killed so many of my disciples. We must settle this score properly.” Old Man Corpse Yin spoke in an eerie tone that made the listeners’ scalps numb.

The leaders of the other major powers remained quiet, but the intention from their behavior was clearly the same.

“I have just expelled Jiang Chen from Genius Prefecture. From now on, our Great Qian Empire no longer has anything to do with him. Also, Jiang Chen hasn’t returned from the Golden Horizon. As for that Dragon Shisan, I haven’t even seen him before. Don’t you think it’s too much to demand for people that are unrelated to us? Could it be that you think that our empire is a good target to bully?”

Yang Yu’s qi was powerful. He couldn’t lose the dignity and pride of Great Qian Empire even if he was being pressured by so many powerful enemies.

“Yang Yu, you said that Jiang Chen hasn’t returned. Why should I believe you?”

Nanbei Taisheng continued to speak. As a matter of fact, numerous disciples from various major powers saw Jiang Chen disappear into the crevice of the space, but due to the higher-ups being too anxious to come here, they arrived here before they had the time to confirm where Jiang Chen actually was. Everyone knew that when a person offended so many people and major powers, he would certainly seek refuge from the major power he was closest to.

“Jiang Chen truly hasn’t returned. He has vanished into the crevice of space. Many of your people saw it. If you don’t believe me, you can ask them when you return. Plus, Jiang Chen has already showed his intention of leaving Great Qian Empire when he was still in Golden Horizon. He’s no longer a disciple of the Empire. As for Dragon Shisan, he has never joined our Empire. We have only known each other during the expedition. It’s illogical for the lot of you to come to our empire and demand for those people.”

Yang Bufan emerged, standing beside Yang Yu, and unleashed all of his qi as the Evil Lord. 

The father and son were now standing side by side. Yang Yu looked at his own son and nodded privately. The fact that Yang Bufan dared to criticize and shout in front of so many powerful experts indicated that his future achievement was immeasurable. Yang Yu would be relieved if the empire was passed down to someone like him.

Upon hearing the words of Yang Bufan, the experts from the eight major powers couldn’t help but frown. It was true that they couldn’t determine if Jiang Chen was really in Great Qian Empire. As for that Dragon Shisan, he didn’t seem to be related to the Great Qian Empire at all. They shouldn’t hold Great Qian Empire accountable if they wanted to pursue Dragon Shisan. Furthermore, Yang Yu had already expelled Jiang Chen with the authority as the Emperor. So, it was highly likely that Jiang Chen wasn’t in Great Qian Empire.

“Yang Bufan, you said that Jiang Chen entered the crevice of space, but this old man doesn’t believe it. It’s very likely for one to be sucked into the turbulent air current if one entered the crevice of space. Even this old man won’t dare to take such a risk.” Old Ancestor Yellow Spring, the Sect Master of Yellow Spring Sect, spoke.

“What Old Ancestor Yellow Spring said is right, however did you include the fact that Jiang Chen has mastered the Great Void Technique he inherited from the Void Sovereign?” said Yang Bufan. It wasn’t a secret that Jiang Chen cultivated the Great Void Technique, so he didn’t intend to hide it.

“What? Great Void Technique?”

The name of the technique changed everyone’s expression once more. Although it sounded like a mere secret art, it represented the Void Sovereign. No one would dare to neglect it. Back then, the Void Sovereign walked freely under the Heavens with just the Great Void Technique. Everyone in the world was afraid of him.

That son of a b*tch has actually acquired the inheritance of the Void Sovereign.

Old Ancestor Yellow Spring and the rest were startled by the information. Just like what Yang Bufan had said, if Jiang Chen had really mastered the Great Void Technique, it would be effortless for him to travel within the turbulent space.

That young man is too heaven-defying. He has to be eliminated as soon as possible.

The eight major powers muttered the same words simultaneously. In the expedition of Golden Horizon, Jiang Chen had acquired the Sun Divine Feather and the inheritance of the Void Sovereign, and have absorbed the luck of too many experts. He was definitely a matchless cultivator that would become a threat sooner or later. Therefore, he had to be eliminated.

“So, the grudges between you and Jiang Chen no longer have anything to do with Great Qian Empire. I urge you all to leave at once. Jiang Chen is the most heaven-defying genius I have ever seen. Apart from his incredible speed of growth, he has already mastered the Sun Divine Feather and the Great Void Technique. No one can tell how long it’ll take before he grew to an extent where the lot of you can’t do anything to him anymore.”

Yang Yu prompted aloud, his tone full of satisfaction. Although they had lost Crown Prince and King Ping in the expedition, they were certainly the biggest winner compared to these eight major powers.

“Yang Yu, even if Jiang Chen isn’t in Great Qian Empire anymore, he entered the Golden Horizon using the slot of your empire, which caused us so many losses. Great Qian Empire must pay a price for that,” the Emperor of Great Cloud Empire, Yun Tianzun, spoke through gritted teeth. 

The three Emperors in Eastern Profound Domain had never gotten along well. Also, Great Cloud Empire had suffered the heaviest loss, even Yun Zhangxiao was killed, pushing the Emperor to the peak of his fury.

“Pay a price? Yun Tianzun, do you think that Great Qian Empire is an army that you can afford to provoke? I have already said that Jiang Chen isn’t in Genius Prefecture and has nothing to do with my empire anymore. So what should I pay you for? Why don’t the eight of you join forces and see if I, Yang Yu, am afraid of you all. The worst that’ll happen is only a life-and-death war. I would like to know what kind of price the eight of you would make me pay.”

Yang Yu was domineering to the extreme. As soon as he finished speaking, the experts of Great Qian Empire unleashed their powerful qi simultaneously. With such a powerful Emperor ruling the empire, there was no way that the empire wouldn’t prosper.

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