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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1159

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There were only Jiang Chen and Big Yellow in the large dormitory area. The other disciples had went to the rally outside the Institute of Elders for their common interest. As for Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, both of them had become the enemy of the community.

“Little Chen, those disciples have gone to the institute and sued us.” Said Big Yellow with a smile.

“En, this is what I wanted. Just wait. We’ll wait for the Institute to call for us.”

Jiang Chen had a casual look. If these people didn’t hold a rally outside the Institute of Elders to complain about Jiang Chen, his three days of effort would be in vain.

“*Jie* *Jie* You sure is a sinister brat, but I like it.”

Big Yellow chuckled delightfully. He liked Jiang Chen’s wisdom and crafty mind that always manipulate people’s decisions.

Standing before the gate of the Institute were hundreds of outer sect disciples. Inevitably, the whole scene turned chaotic. These outer sect disciples were gnashing their teeth, Jiang Chen was the person they hated the most for ruining the conducive cultivation environment in the outer sect.

“Not even brother Fang is willing to help us, we can only rely on ourselves. The Institute of Elders has to provide us an explanation for this. Otherwise, we will keep on rallying outside their premise.”

“That’s right. That Jiang Chen has already gone mad. If the Institute of Elders doesn’t solve this problem right now, all of us won’t have a chance to cultivate in the future anymore.”

“Abominable! Jiang Chen must be punished and must pay the price for what he did.”


The resentment among the crowd was unbridled. No one as insane as Jiang Chen had ever existed in the sect since the establishment of Skycloud Pavilion.


The door of the Institute of Elders was opened. Three elders emerged on the doorway. All three of them were early Heaven Immortal experts. The leader amongst them was Niu Mang.

“What are you all doing here instead of cultivating?”

Niu Mang yelled with some anger. The action of these disciples was already a disrespect to the Institute of Elders. If it wasn’t because there were too many of them in this rally, the elders would have punished them on the spot.

Cultivate? Where else could they cultivate at? The elders should suggest a place for us to cultivate so that us disciples didn’t have to stand here.

“Elder Niu, that Jiang Chen is a frenzied being. He has already absorbed all of the Immortal Qi in the Martial palace for three days straight, robbing our chance of cultivating. We plead the Institute of Elders to seek justice for us.”

“We plead the elders to suppress and punish Jiang Chen for us. The Martial Palace is a public place of cultivation, it doesn’t belong to Jiang Chen alone.”

“That’s correct, elders. We can’t live like this. That Jiang Chen is way too strong. We can’t even fight against him. Many of us were injured by him and even an inner sect disciple couldn’t stand against him. And that dog of his was truly powerful. We can’t afford to have to fight them. Otherwise, we wouldn’t come here ourselves.”

“I plead for the Institute to take charge and make sure that the thief get what he deserve.”

“Jiang Chen must be punished so that the outer sect can become peaceful again.”


Every disciple’s emotion was churning inside of them. Some of them who had been beaten by Jiang Chen were shedding tears when they thought about the suffering they had been through.

The scene was so spectacular that it made the three elders stand there like solid rocks. Nothing like this had ever happened since the Institute of Elders took charge of the outer sect.

“Ai! Genius always breaks the law. It seems like another twisted devil king is going to be born in Skycloud Pavilion soon.” An elder couldn’t help but sigh.

“It seems like our Institute has to interfere in this matter. Or else, the whole outer sect will be thrown into chaos. I would like to see what that Jiang Chen really is. How dare he acted so ruthlessly to them! I’ll go and find him.” An elder spoke.

“Let me go to see him. I have already met him once. I was the one who handed his identity jade card.”

Said Niu Mang. Wang Tao and a few other disciples had come to the Institute to find him before. At that time, he thought that it was probably another tiny conflict amongst the disciples. So he didn’t put that in his heart. It was beyond his expectation that a newcomer would cause such a conflict to this extent.

“Well, you all can leave now. I will personally find Jiang Chen in a while. I believe he will listen to this old man.”

Niu Mang waved at the crowd, asking them to leave, then, he headed towards the dormitory area.

The outer sect disciples finally calmed themselves down when an elder of the Institute agreed to solve the matter. They started to see a glimmer of hope. As far as they were concerned, no matter how arrogant Jiang Chen was, he would never dare disrespect the elders. The same went to the other monstrous disciples who were once in the outer sect. None of them had the nerve to oppose the elders.

On the square of the dormitory area, Jiang Chen was still sitting on the rattan chair. Next to him lay a dog which had already dozed off. It seemed like the both of them were just trying to kill the time by doing nothing.

When Niu Mang saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, his face revealed a smile. His gaze deliberately fell on Big Yellow. When they first met, he didn’t pay this dog much attention, thinking that it most probably was an ordinary pet beast of Jiang Chen. It was surprising to know that the inner sect disciple, Liang Hong couldn’t even withstand one strike of this dog.

Naturally, he wouldn’t dare to show off himself in front of this dog. Given his combat strength, he wasn’t even a suitable opponent for Liang Hong, let alone Big Yellow.

“Jiang Chen.” Niu Mang called.

Jiang Chen stood up from the rattan chair and held his fists at Niu Mang. “Ah, Elder Niu Mang. I wonder what brings you here.”

“Oh, Jiang Chen. We are all smart people. I think you already know what I came here for. The outer sect has already become chaotic because of your actions. If this continues, the Institute of Elders will lose its reputation. I hope you can consider the reputation of the institute by being a little more modest and generous.”

Niu Mang said straightforwardly. Like he said, every one of them were intelligent people. So it was senseless to beat around the bush.

“Elder Niu, that was just how I cultivate. I don’t think that I have violated any of the rules. Plus, they were the ones who pick a fight with me first. I have yet to go to the institute to sue them.” Said Jiang Chen with an aggrieved face.

“Jiang Chen, I know that you aren’t guilty, but the current situation is very peculiar. Your ability to absorb Immortal Qi is just too powerful, it has affected the peace of the outer sect. I hope that you can leave some for them. If you become the enemy of the community, it won’t do you any good.”

Niu Mang said bitterly. A genius like Jiang Chen would definitely have immeasurable achievements in the future. Niu Mang was merely a puny outer sect elder. He wouldn’t want to offend this genius because of this tiny matter.

“En, alright, I understand. I’ll think about it carefully.”

Jiang Chen said plainly, then turned and headed towards his dorm, leaving Niu Mang behind.

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