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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1121

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A shrill cry sounded from the desolate mountains. A giant black bear roughly a hundred meters tall flew skywards, smashing a dozen big trees with his robust body before landing heavily on the ground. Blood was all over its body. It lost its Qi completely after a final movement.

At this time, a blood-red miniature tower appeared above the bear’s corpse. In just a blink, all the Qi and blood essence were fully absorbed by it, leaving a dried corpse behind.

Three silhouettes emerged. They were Jiang Chen and his friends. With a flick, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda landed on Jiang Chen’s hand and integrated into his body. They had been in this desolate land for two days, killing plenty of demonic beasts. The weakest amongst the beasts they had killed was early Earth Immortal realm because Jiang Chen was uninterested in killing beasts that were below the Earth Immortal realm. The strongest they could find was this black bear which had already reached the early Heaven Immortal realm. With his dragon transformation and Big Yellow’s help, they took down this black beast with ease.

“How was it, Little Chen?” asked Han Yan. 

In these past two days, he had also killed several half-step Earth Immortal demonic beasts and it had helped him increase his combat strength. Being endowed with the Ancient Divine Devil bloodline, not a single beast that was a level higher than him was a match for him. This was the advantage that geniuses possesed.

“Only one fourth of the thirteenth level was condensed which is still very far away from its  completion. As the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was a divine weapon, the further it advances, the scarier the amount of energy required. But we have sufficient time for that and we are still at the edge of the area. I believe that there will be more demonic beasts inside the vicinity and they will only get stronger. In these two days, I have already gained great benefits as I’ve condensed some dragon marks and improved my combat strength,” said Jiang Chen. 

Every time the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda absorbed a large amount Qi and blood essence, a portion of it would go to him, giving him extra benefits. In two days’ time, he was able to condense ten thousand dragon marks inside his body, from 320 000, it became 330 000. As such, he only needed twenty thousand more dragon marks, which was roughly a step away from mid Earth Immortal realm. 

*Dong…* *Dong…*

The land shook and a roar resounded through the woods. In a few blinks, a 30-meter-tall black devilish ape emerged in front of them. This beast had a pair of red eyes and a body full of vicious Qi which made it seem like an extremely ferocious predator.

“*JieJie* Haven’t been eating people for a while.”

The devilish ape could already speak the human language. Its pair of eyes were staring at Jiang Chen and his friends unblinkingly. In its eyes, these three humans had already become prey.

“How dare an early Earth Immortal ape act so arrogantly in front of Master Dog? Let Master Dog shred him apart.”

Big Yellow laughed and gestured to attack.

“Let me do it,” offered Han Yan, blocking Big Yellow.

“Hey, you’re just a late Human Immortal expert. You can only kill half-step Earth Immortal beasts at best. This ape is the early Earth Immortal realm. It’s two levels higher than you. Don’t get all over yourself,” said Big Yellow.

“You can let Ah Yan try. If it is a normal early Earth Immortal demonic beast, Ah Yan will be no match for it, but this devilish ape contained a very strong devil essence. Ah Yan possesses the perfect Ancient Divine Devil bloodline, the highest bloodline of the devil essence. The ape’s bloodline will be affected as soon as it fought against Ah Yan. So, even if this beast is an early Earth Immortal, Ah Yan still has a good chance,” explained Jiang Chen, agreeing to let Han Yan fight this ape. 

Han Yan was also a person who had experienced hundreds of battle, unlike an amateur who only trained at home. To him, this devilish ape was just within his capability to handle.

Although he had lost an arm, that wouldn’t affect his growth. The tough-training itself was a process that facilitates anyone’s growth. Being able to fight a high level demonic beast would be his most meaningful experience in this tough-training.

Han Yan took a step forward and stood opposite the devilish ape. His white hair danced as the breeze blew. His eyes sparkled with brilliance. A wave of billowy combat intent rushed out of his body like invisible blades, cutting off every tree in the surroundings, turning the area into a piece of empty land.

“*Jie…* *Jie…* A puny Human Immortal wishes to fight me? You’re truly not aware of your own strength. In that case, I will eat you first.”

The devilish ape stared at Han Yan disdainfully. It would never put a puny Human Immortal in his eyes as it could casually finish this human with just a bite.

“Humph! Is that so? Combat Devil!”

Han Yan harrumphed coldly and bellowed. Boundless devil waves instantly surged out. His body began to change. In a blink of an eye, his physique became a fold sturdier. His eyes turned completely black like a bottomless abyss. That was the true devil nature.

“Never thought that this brat has already condensed the Combat Devil Physique. No wonder he’s so confident.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but feel shocked when he saw Han Yan’s changes. All his concerns had now vanished.

“The Combat Devil Physique is initially an Ancient Divine Devil’s physique, but Ah Yan has yet to condense it. I assume that he has already completed the condensation before he ascended. With this physical form, his chances of defeating this ape significantly increases.”

Jiang Chen looked relieved. His confidence in Han Yan had never faltered. He was most clear about how strong the Ancient Divine Devil bloodline was. As such, Han Yan’s future achievement would be immeasurable.

The disdainful ape’s smile froze, especially when it sensed the ancient devil essence that Han Yan exuded, because it had suppressed its own devil essence.

In other words, the beast was overwhelmed with the urge to worship the ancient and pure devil nature that was coming from Han Yan. Under such circumstance, its combat strength was suppressed.

“The Qi of Ancient Divine Devil bloodline. Dammit! How can this brat have such bloodline?!”

The ape swore, but immediately, its expression turned into excitement and delight.

“This must be my fortune. As long as I devour this brat, I will obtain his bloodline. If this ancient bloodline is integrated with my bloodline, my cultivation will improve by leaps and bounds. After getting the purest devil essence, my future potential will be limitless. Haha! The Heaven must be granting me a gift. Brat, die now!”

After laughing, the ape then raised its giant palm and smashed at Han Yan. 

“Heavenly Devil Blade!”

Han Yan’s Qi wasn’t any weaker than the devil ape. He waved his arm and slashed at the ape with the sharpest black weapon in the Heaven and Earth.

He knew the gap between himself and the beast, so he had sent a full-fledge attack on his first strike. Even his body was equipped with the Combat Devil Physique, he wouldn’t dare be careless in this battle because there was no way that he could fill the difference in their cultivation.

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